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[News] GNU/Linux Earns DirectX 10 Support

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Wine 1.1.7 Review - First Steps of Direct3D 10 Implementation

,----[ Quote ]
| Wine is the project which makes possible to run games like World of WarCraft, 
| Counter-Strike, Half-Life 2, WarCraft III and so on. And Wine is also the 
| project which makes possible for web developers to test how their web page is 
| viewed under Internet Explorer. Not to mention hundreds of other applications 
| which work very well or well enough with it.    



Tim Sweeney, Part 2: "DirectX 10 Is The Last Relevant Graphics API"

,----[ Quote ]
| Interview - In the second part of our interview Tim Sweeney, creator of the 
| Unreal game engine and CEO of Epic Games, discusses the challenges and 
| dramatic changes that are just ahead for game developers and gamers: Graphics 
| rendering may change completely and Microsoft's DirectX interface may become 
| less important. The successors of the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3, due in 
| 2012, could be running entirely on software pipelines.     
| [...]
| Sweeney: There are significant advantages in doing it yourself, avoiding all 
| the graphics API calling and overhead. With a direct approach, we can use 
| techniques that require wider frame buffer, things that DirectX just doesn't 
| support. At Epic, we're using the GPU for general computation with pixel 
| shaders. There is a lot we can do there, just by bypassing the graphics 
| pipeline completely.     



Microsoft, Flight Simulator developers use images to paint misleading picture

,----[ Quote ]
| We received this set of screenshots ages ago from Microsoft itself, which 
| used this game heavily to promote the beauty of DX10 and how necessary is to 
| switch from Windows XP to Vista. These two screenshots ended in quite a lot 
| of mainstream magazines, and were all over the place in specialist IT media.   
| [...]
| Nobody buys explanations about why Flight Simulator runs so slowly on 
| quad-core processors and most powerful graphics cards, as we concluded in our 
| review.  
| FSX is rendering practically everything, forget about any modern 3D feature 
| such as Occlussion Culling, Occlusion Querry and Z-buffer compression and 
| putting a bitmap cockpit on blanked alpha texture, while everything else is 
| being rendered.   
| This procedure just kills performance and we could not imagine any game past 
| DX7 utilizing such a concept. 
| We cannot avoid the thought that this plot might have been done deliberately, 
| in order to spark interest about the game itself and boost sales of a product 
| that usually has a limited customer base.  


Vista Offers Nothing to Gamers

,----[ Quote ]
| This is just a small sampling of games obviously, but for our
| intended experiment, I think they did the trick. We wanted to
| simulate what a normal gamer might go through in order to play 
| games on Vista, and the end result was just slightly more hassle
| than you would with XP. 


Crysis DX10 Fraud Exposed - DX9 to DX10 Patch

,----[ Quote ]
| Crytek developers have deliberately crippled Crysis for the only purpose of 
| marketing DX10 and Windows Vista. the proof is a simple config file tweak 
| allows the use of 'Very High' quality textures, shadows, etc on DX9 and 
| WinXP.    


DX9 and DX10 performance compared 

,----[ Quote ]
| So, it seems, there is some difference to crow about - although it is our 
| suspicion that, given the time and inclination, most of the flasher DX10 
| features could be retro-fitted without much hassle, and the differences are 
| more a product of time and money than capability.   


Inside CNET Labs: Lamenting DirectX 10

,----[ Quote ]
| We compared the same title side by side on a system running DX10 on Vista to 
| the same title on an identical system running DX9 on XP, and it's 
| difficult--sometimes impossible--to detect significant differences in how the 
| games look or perform.   


Adding DX10 has "done nothing"

,----[ Quote ]
| Having tested the DX10 rendering path against the DX9 version, the chaps at 
| the fantastically named Elite Bastards say that they can't "Help but feel a 
| little disappointed to see yet another game where the inclusion of DirectX 10 
| functionality has done nothing for the title either graphically or from 
| performance standpoint".    


OpenGL 2.x and 3.0 APIs arrive this year 

,----[ Quote ]
| Approximately three months after that, Mount Evans (OpenGL 3.0) will 
| run specifically on hardware born after November 8th, 2006. You've
| guessed it correctly, we are talking about DirectX 10-class hardware,
| bringing all the features of unified 3D architecture to the world of 
| OpenGL. Mount Evans is compatible with Longs Peak, but of course -
| you will require OpenGL 3.0 class hardware to run everything.


Valve survey shows hundreds of thousands steamed up 

,----[ Quote ]
| However, the survey also shows how far Microsoft et al have to go 
| - currently, DX10-capable gamers (ie those with Vista and a DX10 card) 
| make up 1.21% of the gaming population.
|         ^^^^^


DAAMIT! AMD's DX10 is not up to scratch 

,----[ Quote ]
| The gap isn't much, but there's a good 10-15 per cent difference between 
| the two cards, and this is rather disappointing for a card that has 
| been repeatedly marketed as future proof.


Lord of the Rings Online: DX10 Patch

,----[ Quote ]
| The DX10 codepath offered by the latest update to the Lord of the Rings 
| client software gives us no reason to recommend anyone upgrade to Windows 
| Vista right now to use it. It offers a couple of real visual quality 
| upgrades, but currently with a monstrous performance penalty.   


ATI: Linux vs. Windows Vista

,----[ Quote ]
| Wow! We were completely blown away when our final results came in and the 
| Linux 8.42.3 driver had outperformed Windows Vista with Catalyst 7.10 in 
| Enemy Territory: Quake Wars. It wasn't just a neck-and-neck race but Linux 
| was about 10 frames per second faster when running at 1280 x 1024 and 1680 x 
| 1050.    


Gears of War PC Performance and IQ

,----[ Quote ]
| DX10 On = No Advantage
| We are not sure exactly what turning on DX10 does, but we do know it causes a 
| large performance drop on every video card. In our testing we found 
| absolutely no image quality differences by turning this to “On.” The only 
| benefit was being able to use “On/Antialiasing” for 4X AA, but you need a 
| very fast video card to use that setting. If you have a GeForce 8800 
| GTX/Ultra level video card you can enjoy that setting. But on the GeForce 
| 8800 GT/GTS and Radeon HD 2900 XT you will have to sacrifice other in-game 
| options or resolutions in order to use 4X AA. It is rather a shame because we 
| noticed that 4X AA does improve the visual quality of this game in a 
| noticeable way.         
| Disappointing In-Game AA Controls
| [...]
| Overall Summary
| Gears of War plays very well with DX10 set to “Off,” and this is the mode you 
| will find the best gaming performance with.  
| [...]
| The Bottom Line
| We found no image quality differences inherent to enabling DX10 mode, but we 
| did find a large performance drop on every video card. Simply put there is no 
| reason to run this game in DX10 unless you have a powerful enough video card 
| to handle 4X AA with this mode enabled. For the best performance run this 
| game with DX10 “Off” and crank up the resolution with maximum in-game 
| settings for a very fun, fast paced, action game.      


Vista-only game cracked 

,----[ Quote ]
| Falling Leaf Studios had previously reported that they were working 
| on the 'Alky Project' that would contribute 'Alky Compatibility 
| Libraries' to allow the successful running of Halo 2 and Shadowrun 
| on Windows XP machines.
| Looks like it was a lot simpler than that. 


Vista RTM and SP1 do not come with all the necessary DirectX 9 updates for some

,----[ Quote ]
| This was a strange one that I had forgotten about. Even though Vista ships 
| with DirectX 10, it doesn't contain the DirectX 9 updates that have been 
| released in the past year or so. This makes sense if you think about it, 
| because Vista RTM'd in November 2006. It is almost 2008 now.   


Hacked DX10 for Windows appears 

,----[ Quote ]
| A chap called Cody Brocious from San Diego, California, claims to
| have started to create an wrapper for Windows executables so that
| they can be ran on another operating system, with no prejudice
| about that operating system.
| A year in, the Alky Project has gone live under the cover of a
| company Falling Leaf Systems. Members of its Sapling Program will
| be able to get the wrappers for DirectX10 applications and run
| them not just on DX10 hardware under Windows XP, but with some
| DX9 hardware as well. 


Valve questions Microsoft's commitment to PC gaming

,----[ Quote ]
| Half-Life 2 developer Valve thinks that Microsoft's current
| "Games for Windows" marketing push is a cynical ploy to sell
| more copies of Windows Vista, rather than a genuine effort to
| invigorate the PC gaming market.

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