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[News] India Gets Into the GNU/Linux Groove

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At last, a desi PC software system

,----[ Quote ]
| Finally, we have something we can call India’s own PC Operating System: The 
| Chennai unit of the Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (CDAC), led 
| by its Director, M.R. Rajagopalan, has put together BOSS or Bharat Operating 
| System Solutions, an Open Source distribution of what is called GNU/Linux. 
| The desktop version no 3.0 recently released supports 18 Indian languages and 
| includes a host of features to enhance its utility: a 3-D desktop; support 
| for Bluetooth wireless devices; a document reader for the PDF format and 
| application tools in all Indian languages.       



Indian political party turns to FOSS

,----[ Quote ]
| Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is India's largest political party, with around
| 20 million Ordinary Members and about 4 million Active Members. In June, BJP
| announced its goal to become one of the most high-tech political parties in
| the next two years, and free and open source software (FOSS) will play an
| essential role in this project.


Voting Candidates On Technology Issues

,----[ Quote ]
| This may be the single most important US Presidential election in our
| lifetime. While there are other very pressing and more important issues to
| help you make a decision in choosing a candidate; I think it is important to
| look at where each candidate stands in terms of technology, which most of the
| readers in this site is passionate about. It would be better if we could have
| their views on open source more specifically, unfortunately no such
| information exists to the best of my knowledge.


BOSS Linux 3.0 Comes with KDE and GNOME

,----[ Quote ]
| C-DAC (Center for Development of Advanced Computing) announced a few days ago
| the availability of the latest version of BOSS Linux. This release brings
| support for both KDE and GNOME desktop environments, and includes wide Indian
| language support, Bluetooth, PDF Viewer and RSS Feed Reader.


Bharat Operating System Solutions

,----[ Quote ]
| BOSS (Bharat Operating System Solutions) is a GNU/Linux distribution
| developed by  C-DAC (Centre for Development of Advanced Computing) for
| enhancing the use of Free/ Open Source Software throughout India. BOSS
| Linux - a key deliverable of NRCFOSS is an Indian GNU/Linux distribution &
| currently localized to Tamil / Hindi. Targeting Indian user it is designed as
| a user-friendly Desktop environment coupled with Indian language support and
| other packages that are highly relevant for use in the government
| domain.Subsequent version will support the educational domain as well. The
| ultimate goal is to localize into all 22 official Indian regional languages.
| So this benefits non-english speakers to reach technology that bridge digital
| divide in India.


C-DAC Launches BOSS Linux Version 3.0, Signs MoU with NIC

,----[ Quote ]
| The Center for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC) has launched its
| Bharat Operating Systems Solutions (BOSS) Linux software version 3.0
| developed by the National Resource Center for Free/Open Source Software
| (NRCFOSS). BOSS is a GNU/Linux distribution for enhancing the use of Free and
| Open Source Software (FOSS) in the country.

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