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[News] KDE4 Wows User and Gains Traction

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KDE 4.1 and the WoW

,----[ Quote ]
| Now I am not a big KDE fan, having preferred the likes of Openbox, Fluxbox, 
| Xfce4, Windowmaker and Gnome in the past; but I have to say, the new KDE is 
| slick. The default Oxygen theme is nice. The desktop was clean, devoid of 
| icons, just the way I like it. I did not play around with it too much as I 
| was in the process of getting my system back up to par. So after starting gdm 
| I logged into Gnome. The same old there. Out again and back into KDE 4.1.     


KDE4 apps: Gwenview

,----[ Quote ]
| Reading through comments of an article featured on the jakilinux.org site 
| I’ve stumbled upon somebody complaining that Gwenview is underexposed. Let’s 
| take it on then, using a SVN pullout for KDE4.  


Looking very pretty and intuitive.

- From XMMS to Amarok  

,----[ Quote ]
| And in simplified mode, if I want the player window, it's there with a simple 
| click, has just enough features to keep me happy, and if I want more, it 
| gives it to me.  But it never gives me more than I want.  At one time I had 
| really dissed Amarok as being overblown and too big for its own good. But now 
| that I've been forced to use it full time, I'm actually starting to enjoy it.    
| So goodbye XMMS, hello Amarok!



Microsoft market cap drops below $200 billion

,----[ Quote ]
| Tech stocks was hit once again hard during a rough trading session that
| shaved 514.45 points from the Dow and 80.93 points from the Nasdaq index. A
| quick look at stock values revealed a few winners and losers so far this
| month.
| On the winning side are Motorola, Ebay, Apple, Cisco, Google, Novell and
| Oracle, all of which were able to either keep their stock values stable or
| even showed a slight increase during this shaky month.


Microsoft loses 90 Billion Dollars

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