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Re: Now all this is not helpful to Linux advocacy (long)

Tony(UK) wrote:

> On Sat, 25 Oct 2008 14:02:12 +0000, Roy Schestowitz wrote:
> .snipped for brevity
>> It's easy to just ignore issues that you don't want to know about and
>> don't want to care about. But just ignoring it won't make it disappear.
>> By the way, as Brian Proffitt (LinuxToday executive editor) stated some
>> months ago, the Linux community was /never/ a 'happy family'. There was
>> always friction like this, so to accuse people or individual groups is
>> the wrong way to approach it.
> Thanks for the explanation, Roy.
> The bit about the Linux community never being a 'happy family' is because
> of what exactly? I am a member of the Mint, Ubuntu, and Pardus forums,
> and subscribe to debian, COLA, a.o.l.ubuntu, and pclinuxos newsgroups as
> well as researching quite extensively the Internet regarding Linux. I do
> this to learn the whole picture. In all areas I seem to look, Linux users
> range from tolerant to hostile regarding newcomers and each other, and in
> this newsgroup, almost all regular posters range from humorous to deep
> psychological problems. In some cases, Linux is treated in a derisory
> fashion.
> I stand by my accusations, as I do not understand how a group of
> individuals, some with great knowledge, can damage others commitment,
> personalities and enthusiasm to the extent that some wish others death,
> or post personal information about people's family. I simply do not
> understand them, and to say it has always been like this, so it will
> never change, is, to me, very wrong. Which way should someone like me
> approach it?
> I know I am not alone in this. A community is made up from many different
> persons, facets, but all with a common goal. That goal I feel, is to
> damage Linux beyond repair, then blame someone else for it's demise.
> Tell me otherwise.
> Tony(UK)

Alas, Tony, I fear that you are referring to our common fallible human

To expect those of us who advocate Linux to be any different from the
general run of mankind is about as unrealistic as to expect, say, the
members of a church congregation to be less sinful than people in general.

Each man kills the thing he loves, wrote Oscar Wilde, and I fear that he was

Facts are sacred ... but comment is free

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