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[News] Freedom of Firefox Part of Its Success

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Review: Firefox 3.0 Has Lots to Like -- and It's Free

,----[ Quote ]
| The real vision behind Firefox is in the very essence behind the open-source 
| movement. Mozilla is not-for-profit and is completely open with their source 
| code. This means that anyone in the world can check it out, offer 
| improvements or create their own new super-cool software to interact with it. 
| Why do it any other way?     


Another open source migration:

Nakusp (B.C.) Public Library Goes Live with Evergreen 



Review: Firefox 3.1 Beta Leaves IE in Ashes

,----[ Quote ]
| Firefox 3.1 is the fastest version yet. One of our favorite sites to use for
| testing is papervision3d.org because it is so graphics heavy. Firefox 3.1
| took 25 seconds to fully load. Compare this to our last Firefox 3 review on
| the same machine, Firefox 3 took 45 seconds to load the site's 3D image.
| The browser is unquestionably fast. It also comes with some new features,
| many of them under-the-hood and dealing with advanced CSS capabilities, but
| there are some new interface features as well. For instance, Cntrl-tab has
| been added as a shortcut to quickly switch between tabs. Also, tabs can be
| dragged and dropped between Mozilla windows, a feature that works well and
| smoothly.
| [...]
| The performance in this version is superb. It will be interesting to keep an
| eye out to see if any security exploits are discovered.


Mozilla Firefox 3.1 on Its Way to Setting Web Video Standard

,----[ Quote ]
| Firefox has a huge user base and acceptance from web developers, which
| theoretically makes Mozilla less vulnerable to submarine patent lawsuits, as
| companies would risk in terms of image if such actions were taken, as
| Mitchell Baker commented at the Products and Technology Roadmap Mozilla
| Summit session. Mike Shaver, Mozilla’s Interim VP of Engineering,
| added, "Somebody had to do it. It’s good it was us."

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