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[News] Free/Open Source Software Telephony and Authentication Systems

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Open source identity: Free Telephony Project founder David Rowe

,----[ Quote ]
| Move over proprietary telephony systems. Australian engineer David Rowe 
| started the Free Telephony Project three years ago to build an affordable 
| IP-PABX system out of free hardware and software. That’s right, the design of 
| the Free Telephony Project IP-PABX is open for any interested person to 
| review and improve. With the first Free Telephony Project products now 
| available and in use world-wide, Rowe hopes it will go along way to improving 
| the availability of voice services in developing nations. In this edition of 
| Open Source Identity, TechWorld interviews Rowe to uncover the burgeoning 
| business of open product development.         


Likewise Software Receives Ready for IBM Tivoli Validation 

,----[ Quote ]
| Likewise Software today announced it has received the "Ready for IBM Tivoli 
| Software" designation that validates the integration of its Likewise 
| Enterprise identification and authentication software with the IBM Tivoli 
| Identity Manager software product.   



The Impact of Open Source VoIP

,----[ Quote ]
| The second part of the story of the impact of Open Source VoIP to the whole
| telecom market is made of softphones and stacks. Ekiga (formerly known as
| GnomeMeeting), Linphone or PhoneGaim, just to name some, have been a great
| source of knowledge for new entrant developers in this field and a great way
| for providers to offer a cheap way to make phone calls from your PC.


Linux dominating VoIP devices?

,----[ Quote ]
| Trolltech says its development framework and software stack for mobile
| devices was selected by Skype as the preferred platform for Skype-certified
| VoIP (voice-over-IP) phones. Additionally, the Qtopia framework/stack has
| been used in about 40 VoIP devices, making it the "dominant Linux
| development platform for VoIP/WiFi devices," according to Trolltech.

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