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[News] GNU/Linux Worth More Than Microsoft Could Afford

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Open source Linux worth billions, Microsoft warned

,----[ Quote ]
| Can Microsoft compete with an billion dollar open source project which 
| benefits from widespread collaboration? 
| [...]
| The researchers also gave a sharp warning to Microsoft. It 
| said: “Increasingly it’s becoming clear that shouldering this research and 
| development burden individually, as Microsoft has done, is an expensive 
| approach to building software.   
| “While monopoly position in the past has allowed them to fund this massive 
| development, we believe that in the future competition from collaborative 
| forces would make such an isolated position untenable."   



204.5-Million lines of code equals one great Linux distribution

,----[ Quote ]
| Maybe, just maybe, the best things in life really are free. Take Linux, for
| example. It's a great, free operating system that you don't have to spend a
| dime on. You can use it to run the New York Stock Exchange's servers; you can
| use it to run your desktop; and you can use it to run your mobile phone.
| The latest Linux Foundation's report, Estimating the Total Development Cost
| of a Linux Distribution reminds me again of just how truly valuable and
| remarkable this 'free' operating system really is. In this study, the
| Foundation analyzed how many lines of code are actually in Red Hat's
| community Fedora 9 Linux distribution, and how much it would cost, in today's
| dollars, with today's software development costs, to have written it as a
| proprietary operating system.

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