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[News] GNU/Linus Scores Big Win in Bank PHB

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Nigerian Bank Chooses Red Hat and JBoss SOA Solutions for Mission-Critical
Banking Applications

,----[ Quote ]
| Red Hat (NYSE: RHT), the world's leading provider of open source solutions, 
| today announced that Bank PHB, one of Nigeria's top ten banks, has migrated 
| its core mission-critical banking applications to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 
| and the JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform.  Bank PHB migrated to Red Hat's open 
| source solutions to achieve the next step in scalability, performance and the 
| ability to handle heavy workloads and achieve cost reduction more effectively 
| than with other proprietary software platforms.       


Partners channel improved:

Red Hat unveils Premier level

,----[ Quote ]
| Open source vendor Red Hat has unveiled a new top-level tier for its EMEA 
| infrastructure partners. 
| The Premier Business Partner level will sit above the current Advanced and 
| Ready tiers and will offer resellers a range of extra marketing, pre-sales 
| and account management incentives.  



Arab National Bank Selects Symark International’s PowerSeries Solutions to
Manage Privileged Access and Meet Compliance Requirements

,----[ Quote ]
| Symark’s PowerPassword solves these issues by providing UNIX/Linux user
| account management in addition to login and password security policies for
| resources stored and local accounts on UNIX and Linux servers.


Lack of IT knowledge begets 'lock-in'

,----[ Quote ]
| We're more around the low-40 percentage mark right now. It's a goal--I think
| we'll get there. Asia contributes 17 percent of our revenues. We feel good
| about that, and it continues to grow nicely.
| In Asia, there is a real public policy benefit to using open source. A lot of
| software intellectual property (IP) resides in the United States, so paying
| for IP from outside the U.S. means dollars flowing out of other countries.
| Because open source is fundamentally cheaper, there is less dollar flow.
| And there is also knowledge transfer when countries embrace open source.
| That's why governments in the region are getting excited about open source.


Open source will gain during recession

,----[ Quote ]
| Red Hat's second quarter 2008 financial results released in August reported a
| 29 per cent increase in revenue over the same quarter last year.


Red Hat: Financial crunch will spur business for open source

,----[ Quote ]
| Will open source software gain more business due to the current economic
| crunch? While in Australia this month, Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst appeared to
| say so. Yet open source isn't necessarily less costly at all than proprietary
| alternatives, some analysts suggest.


Red Hat Exchange Doubles Quarterly Bookings, Boosts Zimbra and MySQL

,----[ Quote ]
| The VAR Guy thought Red Hat Exchange — an online store the software company
| launched last year — would be an overnight hit. It wasn’t. But after some
| tinkering, Red Hat Exchange (RHX) seems to be taking off — and giving
| partners like MySQL and Zimbra a lift as well. In fact, the site’s bookings
| doubled in Red Hat’s most recent quarter, The VAR Guy has learned. Here’s how
| Red Hat got RHX on track.


Red Hat CEO: From the economic rubble, open source will emerge stronger

,----[ Quote ]
| In August Red Hat posted second quarter revenue 29 percent higher than the
| same quarter a year ago, while its subscription revenue also enjoyed
| double-digit growth to beat analysts’ estimates. Whitehurst said that while
| predictions of a recession will likely mean fewer new projects, the economic
| benefits of going open source are already encouraging proprietary customers
| to switch.


Q&A: Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst

,----[ Quote ]
| In this candid interview with ZDNet.com.au, Red Hat CEO Jim Whitehurst
| discusses why he thinks rival VMWare will fail, how the financial crisis will
| be good for open source, and why cloud computing will be the future.


Bank of America to support Firefox, finally


Bank of America may finally embrace Firefox

,----[ Quote ]
| "As the usage of Firefox browsers has increased with our customer base, we
| will be initiating a full support model for Firefox version 2.x in the very
| near future," spokeswoman Tara Burke told Networkworld.com.
| Think "the very near future" will prove to be very soon? Don't bank on it.


Suncorp envisages Linux, ODF for 20,000 desktops

,----[ Quote ]
| Open source software is set to play an increasingly important role at
| Australia's sixth largest bank, according to Smith, who said that Suncorp
| will look to use open source "wherever we can".



FNB switches 12 000 desktops to Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| With 12 000 desktops switching to Linux this is very likely the
| most significant Linux and open source implementation in South
| Africa to date.


Oracle easy meat for Red Hat Australia

,----[ Quote ]
| He said Red Hat was currently working with a "large bank", whom he kept
| anonymous, to introduce Linux into its IT environment.


Open Source Slowly Gains Momentum on Wall Street

,----[ Quote ]
| Customers may be comfortable using Linux for infrastructure-type
| systems but less so for business software, said Monica Kumar,
| senior director of product manager for Linux and open-source
| software at Oracle.

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