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[News] Overview of ACCESS Linux Platform

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Will the ALP be the next mobile Linux OS?

,----[ Quote ]
| With all of the news surrounding the Google Android Linux device (see my full 
| review) it seems that ACCESS didn’t want people to forget they are still  
| working on a mobile Linux operating system called the ACCESS Linux Platform 
| (ALP). We learned about some screenshots that were shown in August 2007 and 
| it seems that ACCESS continues to work on the operating system. 
| PalmInfocenter has the latest news that the ALP is up to version 3.0 and the 
| version designed for mobile phones will be known as ALP mini. However, it 
| still sounds like we won’t see devices with this Linux OS until late 2009.      


Access Linux Platform upgraded, downsized

,----[ Quote ]
| Access Linux Platform (ALP) is the mobile platform used by Access, the 
| Japanese firm that bought PalmSource and the Palm OS — which was subsequently 
| renamed 'Garnet' — in 2005. On Monday, Access chief technology officer 
| Tomihisa Kamada showed off ALP 3.0 at the company's annual showcase event.   
| Access claimed that ALP 3.0 is fully compliant with the standards of the LiMo 
| Foundation, a major industry group dedicated to creating a standardised 
| mobile Linux middleware layer. This compatibility makes it easier for 
| developers to create applications that will run across a wide range of mobile 
| Linux handsets.    



"Access Day" highlights Linux wins, products

,----[ Quote ]
| Access released a lightweight "Mini" version of its Access Linux Platform
| (ALP) mobile phone middleware and application stack. At its "Access Day"
| partner event in Tokyo today, it also previewed ALP 3.0, and highlighted its
| growing list of Linux design wins and ecosystem partners.


ACCESS Extends Mobile Linux Solutions to Emerging Markets and Innovative

,----[ Quote ]
| ACCESS CO., LTD., a global provider of advanced software technologies to the
| mobile and beyond-PC markets, today extended its ACCESS(TM) family of Linux
| platforms to include ACCESS Linux Platform(TM) 3.0 and the new ACCESS Linux
| Platform(TM) mini, a mobile Linux platform targeted at price-sensitive and
| emerging markets.


Access Linux Platform Kicks Off

,----[ Quote ]
| After Access bought the Palm OS platform, it had quickly rebadged it to the
| Access Linux Platform (ALP) and ported the operating system to Linux. The
| platform hasn't seen adoption, but that is about to change come October 23.
| According to Just Another Mobile Phone Blog, a Russian phone manufacturer
| will be releasing the Edelweiss handset, which will run on ALP.


A hands-on overview of the Access Linux Platform

,----[ Quote ]
| The ACCESS Linux Platform (ALP) attracted lots of attention at the most
| recent LinuxWorld, where it impressed third-party software developers and
| intrigued mobile Linux enthusiasts. During the event, I got some hands-on
| time with with the ALP software on functioning prototype boards, and I took
| the official SDK for a test drive.


ACCESS Linux Platform

,----[ Quote ]
| ACCESS CO., LTD., a global provider of advanced software technologies to the
| mobile and beyond-PC markets, today announced the Company concluded a System
| Engineering Assistance agreement with NTT DOCOMO, INC. on July 16, 2008.
| According to the terms of the agreement, ACCESS will create the technical
| specifications for co-developing an operator pack for ACCESS Linux
| Platform(TM) for DOCOMO's FOMA(TM) 3G handsets. FOMA (Freedom Of Mobile
| multimedia Access) is the brand name for NTT DOCOMO's 3G services, and was
| the world's first W-CDMA 3G service, launched in 2001. The two companies are
| targeting the conclusion of an agreement detailing software development work
| for the FOMA operator pack during August.


ACCESS Announces NetFront Browser Widgets on ACCESS Linux Platform, Support for
Mobile Internet Devices

,----[ Quote ]
| ACCESS CO., LTD., a global provider of advanced software technologies to the
| mobile and beyond-PC markets, today announced it is extending the
| functionality of ACCESS Linux Platform with the addition of NetFront(TM)
| Browser Widgets for mobile handsets and consumer electronics, and support for
| Mobile Internet Devices (MIDs). With these new capabilities, businesses can
| quickly implement a wide range of widget services and deploy products in a
| new category of Internet-savvy mobile devices, based on ACCESS Linux
| Platform.


Access says Palm touched its OS

,----[ Quote ]
| MOBILE LINUX ghost-OS and micro-browsers firm Access Systems told the
| INQUIRER there will be no Netfront 3.5 browser for Palm devices unless Palm
| requests it, and that Palm has fiddled with its Garnet OS.


Palm Centro hits 1 million unit mark

,----[ Quote ]
| But if Palm can build off the Centro with its next device, a Linux-based
| handset, we might see Palm back in the mix in a big way.


Does ACCESS threaten Windows Mobile? (Video demonstration & interview.)

,----[ Quote ]
| This year ACCESS released their first new platform with PalmSource. The
| platform looks like older Palm OS versions. However, it was developed based
| on Linux, provides true multitasking, improved graphics and single finger
| navigation. It has a number of other enhancements as well.  
| Third party applications developed for Palm OS devices work on ACCESS' new
| platform. So Palm OS customers can migrate to ACCESS without giving up their
| existing software. Palm OS developers can easily write new applications for
| ACCESS. Also, most of the existing 30 thousand Palm OS third party software
| titles can be purchased for use on ACCESS devices.    



OpenMoko Developer Preview Sold Out After Unexpected Demand

,----[ Quote ]
| OpenMoko, the first Open Source cell phone, has sold out the entire planned
| production run for the device's developer preview after unexpected demand.

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