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[News] Call for Support for FSF Campaign, Why Free Software Wins

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Support the Free Software Foundation’s high-priority list campaign

,----[ Quote ]
| As a journalist, I don’t often come straight out and endorse anything. Having 
| worked as a marketer, I have had a strong reaction against hype of any sort, 
| including my own. Nor is endorsement my style. Anyway, just by writing on an 
| issue, I can often do far more by encouraging others to support it than I 
| could if I were to volunteer time or money. However, every once in a while, a 
| cause comes along that is so obvious worthy that I make an exception.     
| Take, for example, the Free Software Foundation’s high-priority list. How 
| anyone who is the least interested in free and open source software (FOSS) 
| could not support this cause is almost inexplicable to me.  


Open Source to the Rescue

,----[ Quote ]
| One aspect of open source that wins it many followers is that 'it just works, 
| because everything is just a generic case'. For example, when connecting to 
| the cisco crapware PEAP authentication system on my university's wireless 
| network, NetworkManager just sees it as another network, shows me a standard 
| dialog to get the user name and password, and then does the right thing. 
| Likewise connecting to the crapware cisco VPN i have to connect to daily. 
| There is no need to use special software to access remote network shares, 
| whether they are SMB, NFS, or SSHFS, whether i am using nautilus, dolphin, or 
| the command line using Fuse. Everything behaves like a general purpose 
| system, and components on a Linux System get along just fine.         



FSF reboots its High Priority list with a grant and call for input

,----[ Quote ]
| The Free Software Foundation (FSF) today announced a "reboot" of its High
| Priority Projects list with an accompanying $10,000 grant from Worldlabel.com
| Inc. The grant will seed a new fund to promote projects on the list, and the
| FSF is calling for a community conversation about the biggest challenges
| computer users face using free "as in freedom" software.


FSF high priority list becomes a campaign, seeks donations

,----[ Quote ]
| After marking the GNU Project's 25th anniversary with an endorsement by
| Stephen Fry and the relicensing of OpenGL, the Free Software Foundation (FSF)
| is concluding the month-long celebration by relaunching its high priority
| list, which enumerates as-yet unwritten or incomplete software needed to run
| a completely free computer system. Instead of being simply a page on the
| FSF's Web site, the list will become a campaign, and be actively promoted and
| discussed, and given a new emphasis in the Foundation's activities.


SGI relicenses OpenGL: "A huge gift to the free software community"

,----[ Quote ]
| After nine months, an open secret can finally be acknowledged: The OpenGL
| code that is responsible for 3-D acceleration on GNU/Linux, which was
| released by SGI in 1999, has been running on licenses that were accepted by
| neither the Free Software Foundation (FSF) nor the Open Source Initiative.
| Today, however, the FSF has announced that the licenses in question, the SGI
| Free License B and the GLX Public License, have been rewritten after months
| of negotiation between the FSF and SGI. The problem is now resolved, and the
| result is a code contribution that the FSF ranks as one of the greatest given
| to the community by a proprietary company.


Thank you SGI, for freeing the GNU/Linux 3D desktop!

,----[ Quote ]
| In January of 2008, software code at the heart of GNU/Linux 3D applications
| was discovered to be non-free—a potential disaster for free software
| advocates hoping to see advanced graphical acceleration now common on modern
| operating systems.

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