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[News] Security Industry Fearmongering Examples

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Annual Kaspersky Labs Fearmongering (2008 Edition)!

,----[ Quote ]
| Obviously not. The fact is, the anti-malware industry is driven by user 
| ignorance of technology. To make money, their key motivator is fear. => The 
| general gist is: "If you don't buy our protection, you won't be safe!"  
| What they tend not to realise is this: Due to the higher learning curve in 
| Linux, people aren't as gullible to this nonsense. Its because we have gained 
| knowledge from that technology. We know how to use it.  



Microsoft rushes out emergency Windows update

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft is about to issue an emergency security update to plug a
| vulnerability which could allow an internet worm to be spread via a computer
| without the user doing anything.



Microsoft says 'Merry Christmas' with seven security fixes

,----[ Quote ]
| The critical issues relate to all currently supported versions of Windows, 
| including Vista, and to DirectX, Internet Explorer and the Windows Media 
| Format Runtime.  


Software maker releases the hounds on security vuln reporter

,----[ Quote ]
| Legal attack dogs for enterprise search provider Autonomy have threatened 
| action against Secunia after the vulnerability publisher asked for 
| information relating to a serious bug in an Autonomy product.  


Security hole in MS-Windows Vista on Thanksgiving

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft, although late, but did acknowledge that it is a flaw even in the 
| latest OS (Vista) which should have been fixed long back. 


Thirty-Six Updates Later—and Counting

,----[ Quote ]
| Over the Thanksgiving holiday, I refreshed one of my Windows Vista test 
| machines. Oh my, there were so many Windows Updates. 


Vista security threats to rise in 2008: McAfee

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft’s Windows Vista operating system will face increasing security 
| threats, according to McAfee Avert Labs predictions for top 10 security 
| threats in 2008.  


Microsoft issues 6 'critical' patches

,----[ Quote ]
| The updates affect many versions of Windows, Server and Office software -- 
| including Windows XP and Windows Vista -- and are meant to prevent hackers 
| from breaking into Web surfers' computers using specially crafted Web pages.  


Buffer the Overflow Slayer v. the ActiveX Files

,----[ Quote ]
| The vulnerability was discovered by Krystian Kloskowski and is rated "highly 
| critical" in this posting on Secunia. It's also discussed here on the US-Cert 
| website. Proof-of-concept code can be found on MilW0rm here.  


Microsoft plans six critical patches

,----[ Quote
| At least one of the critical vulnerabilities involves Internet Explorer 7 and 
| Windows Vista, both of which were conceived under new and highly vaunted 
| ^^^^^^^^^^^^^
| development rigors designed to produce more secure products.  


Patch Tuesday: Critical IE, Vista patches on deck

,----[ Quote ]
| Of the four criticals, two will include high-severity patches for 
| Windows Vista. The bulletin rated ?moderate? only affects Vista.


June Patch Tuesday to deliver Vista fixes and more

,----[ Quote ]
| Four of this month's bulletins are labelled 'critical' and 
| relate to vulnerabilities that may allow remote code execution.


Microsoft Plugs Critical Vista Hole

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft has just patched another critical hole in Vista that it
| knew about as long ago as last Christmas. The delay was similar
| to its lag in patching the serious (and heavily targeted)
| animated-cursor flaw I told you about last month.


Microsoft Patches Not One, But Three Vista Holes

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft today released an update for the recently popular 'animated
| cursor' vulnerability. The update was originally scheduled for April
| 10th, but due to recent exploits, was rushed out today. The update
| wasn't just for this one vulnerability though, in Vista, it addressed two 
| others, and in all covered seven vulnerabilities in Vista, XP and
| 2000.


Windows Vista's Built-in Rootkit

,----[ Quote ]
| This poor implementation of the permissions structure can be exploited
| by malware to make files that are undetectable to Anti-Virus products.


More Windows cursor patch trouble

,----[ Quote 
| A new issue with the fix has also come up. Some customers have
| experienced trouble when printing from SQL Reporting Services to
| a Printer Command Language (PCL) printer, Microsoft said.


Windows cursor patch causing trouble

,----[ Quote ]
| Installing Microsoft's Tuesday patch for a "critical" Windows
| vulnerability is causing trouble for some users.


MS Patch Tuesday: Vista dinged again

,----[ Quote ]
| For the second time this month, Microsoft has shipped a security
| bulletin with patches for a "critical" Vista vulnerability that
| puts millions of users at risk of code execution attacks.


Security Researchers Say Windows .ANI Problem Surfaced Two Years Ago

,----[ Quote ]
| Security researchers say the Windows .ANI bug that has been plaguing
| users for the past week first surfaced -- and was patched --
| in early 2005.


Week in review: Cursing Windows' cursor flaw

,----[ Quote ]
| The software giant broke with its monthly patch cycle to fix a bug
| that cybercrooks had been using since last week to attack Windows
| PCs, including those running Vista.


ANI takers for Asus website virus?

,----[ Quote ]
| Asus.com.tw, the website of Taiwanese motherboard maker Asustek,
| has been spraying visitors with the .ANI virus, security software
| makers confirmed today.


Cursor hackers target WoW players

,----[ Quote ]
| World of Warcraft players are being targeted by hackers exploiting
| flaws in how Windows handles animated cursors.


Will Next Tuesday's 3 Updates Effect Vista?

,----[ Quote ]
| I would suspect that one will be a patch for the Windows MessageBox
| exploit, so Vista should get it. Might another be for the Vista
| 'Timer/2099 Crack'? I wouldn't consider it critical, but
| Microsoft probably does. 


Windows Vista now has its first exploit spotted in the public

,----[ Quote ]
| Security experts have confirmed that a proof of concept code for an
| unpatched vulnerability in Windows Vista has been released on
| the internet.


Windows Vista: It's More Secure, We Promise

,----[ Quote ]
| Well, allow me to take a moment to remind everyone of something that
| you might not remember - XP was also touted as being ultra secure.
| Seriously, can anyone honestly look themselves in the mirror and say 
| this is the gospel truth? You have got to be kidding me. Similar to
| XP, Microsoft promises to have the most secure Windows version to date
| yet again.



Cisco exec: Windows Vista is scary

,----[ Quote ]
| "Parts of Vista scare me," Gleichauf said at the Gartner Security Summit
| here on Monday. "Anything with that level of systems complexity will have
| new threats, as well as bringing new solutions. It's always a struggle
| in security, trying to build for what you don't know."


Symantec Finds Flaws In Vista's Network Stack

,----[ Quote ]
| Researchers with Symantec's advanced threat team poked through
| Vista's new network stack in several recent builds of the
| still-under-construction operating system, and found several bugs
| -- some of which have been fixed, including a few in  Monday's
| release -- as well as broader evidence that the rewrite of the
| networking code could easily lead to problems.
| [...]
| Among Newsham's and Hoagland's conclusions: "The amount of new
| code present in Windows Vista provides many opportunities for
| new defects."
| "It's true that some of the things we found were 'low-hanging
| fruit,' and that some are getting fixed in later builds,"
| said Friedrichs. "But that begs the question of what else
| is in there?"

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