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[News] [Rival] Microsoft is Suing the Whole World to Extract Money

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Microsoft sues Rochester firm for piracy

,----[ Quote ]
| As part of a global antipiracy push, software giant Microsoft is taking aim 
| at a Rochester business -- Miracle Computer LLC. 
| In a lawsuit filed in U.S. District Court in Minneapolis Monday, the maker of 
| the Windows operating system accuses Miracle of a practice called hard-disk 
| loading, meaning selling computers with unlicensed versions of Microsoft 
| software.    


Microsoft sues two Portland companies

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft has filed suit against two Portland companies that it accuses of 
| software piracy. 
| The suits, filed Monday in U.S. District Court in Portland, allege that 
| Portland-based Grand Avenue Microtech and Gresham-based Agility Corporate 
| Solutions “have infringed Microsoft’s copyrights and trademarks.”  


Microsoft suit targets 2 area stores

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft has accused two central Ohio companies of software piracy as part 
| of a sweep this week that includes accusations against 18 other software 
| resellers in nine states.  


Microsoft, the next SCO. Sue, sue, sue.


Anti-piracy day? No thanks

,----[ Quote ]
| Today is Microsoft’s self-declared Global Anti-Piracy Day. No surprise then
| that the local arm of the Business Software Alliance has been ringing up
| journalists over the past couple of days with the ominous news that South
| Africa is losing between R2.8 billion to software pirates every year.
| As usual, the BSA statements are sweeping and presumptive.
| For a start, South Africa doesn’t really lose all this money. Most of the
| licensing money heads straight overseas to companies like Microsoft and Adobe
| with this country holding on to very little of it.


Free Software leader slams NZ copyright

,----[ Quote ]
| “New Zealand’s law does not go as far as the DMCA in the US, but it is unjust
| nonetheless,” he says.
| “DRM is nearly always the result of a conspiracy of companies to restrict the
| technology available to the public. Such conspiracy should be a crime, and
| the executives responsible for it should be sentenced to prison.”
|     ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
| Stallman’s other mission here is to promote the Free Software Movement. The
| creator of the GPL licence, under which most free software is distributed, is
| at pains to correct misunderstandings of what the term “free software” means
| and to draw a distinction between it and the open source movement.

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