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Re: [Rival] Even Microsoft MVPs Hate Vista, Escape Microsoft Windows

On Oct 22, 2:30 pm, "Moshe Goldfarb." <brick.n.st...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On Wed, 22 Oct 2008 22:20:03 +0100, Tony Manco wrote:
> > Haha, awesome :-)
> > - --
> > Firefox 3.0.3 .::. Thunderbird: Ubuntu 8.04
> Some dork who never figured out how to use ipconfig?
> Not even funny....
> Now THIS is funny....
> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0gvw73U_VpU
> "While you're compiling your programs, mine simply work"...
> Classic!!!

Indeed.  Windows has many advantages.

[1] Linux is multiplatform, and each platform is
a little different.  Windows is monoplatform (x86)
and all programs run on all variants of Windows, for
the most part, without recompiling.   Just download
the binary, doubleclick, and go; convenience.

[2] Linux supports multiple GUI types, from
the relatively archaic and ancient twm on raw X
to the modern KDE and Gnome variants,
with some Motif on the side and variants such as
Beryl/Compiz.  Windows has exactly one GUI, which
mutates on occasion of course but all applications are
required to use it, and it is of course always available.

[3] Linux supports multiple scenarios, from the
headless stick server (aka "Ichabod Crane") to the
decked-out multimonitor.  Windows always requires
a keyboard, monitor and mouse.  Windows is therefore
easier to administer, and far more comfortable to
use, as one can always depend on that keyboard, monitor,
and mouse being there.

[4] Linux distros are supported by hundreds of
companies, organizations, or individuals.  Windows
has the huge advantage of just one stop to shop,
namely Microsoft, One Microsoft Way,
Redmond, WA 98052-6399, and all of its
sales offices, from Afghanistan to Vietnam
(apparently they've not quite got to Zimbabwe
yet, though they do have an office in New Zealand;
presumably they're working on it).

[5] Linux has a large number of preinstalled
text editors, from the relatively limited (graphically
speaking) vi and emacs to offerings such as OpenOffice
oowriter, kate, and Scribus.  Microsoft Windows only
has one text editor, Microsoft Word -- or maybe

[6] Linux has at least a half-dozen browsers, which
confuses things.  Microsoft has exactly one browser,
which confuses itself.  Erm, I mean, it unifies
the user's web browsing experience.  Sorry, I mean,
the internet exploration experience.  Uh...let's just
move on, 'K? ;-)

[7] Linux has little or no antivirus software; the
reasons are many.  Third-parties have oodles
of anti-malware and anti-virus solutions for
Windows.  Windows is therefore better protected.

[8] And last but certainly not least, Linux is advocated
by a large but disparate group of people, each which his
or her own vision of things, whereas Windows is sold by
Microsoft, with one unified goal: to ensure the most
uniform computing experience possible.

Microsoft.  Where did you want to be led today?

[rest snipped]

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