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[News] New Proprietary Wares for GNU/Linux

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Flash 10 on Linux: Better, not great, better

,----[ Quote ]
| Let's get this out of the way first. Adobe Flash is still a proprietary 
| program and I, and a lot of other open-source people, wish that it wasn't. 
| That said, the latest Flash Player 10 on Linux is a lot faster than the last 
| version and it opens up the doors to a lot of Web-based video content.   


Active Directory-based soln for UNIX & Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| Centrify Corporation, a provider of Microsoft Active Directory-based 
| auditing, access control and identity management solutions for non-Microsoft 
| platforms, has announced Centrify DirectAuthorize, a software solution that 
| enables organizations to increase security and compliance by controlling how 
| users access systems and what they can do on those systems.     



Benchmarking Flash Player 10 (Updated)

,----[ Quote ]
| Another big improvement for Linux users is the addition of support for
| Flash's video camera functionality. Adobe's Mike Melanson described this
| feature back in July when it appeared in beta 2. Adobe collected feedback and
| camera information from users to help fine-tune the camera support. It is
| implemented with the Video4Linux v2 API, which is tightly integrated with the
| Linux kernel and supports a wide range of devices.


Flash Player 10 Is Live

,----[ Quote ]
| The release version of Flash Player 10 is out there and available for
| download. Hopefully, it will soon be available from your favorite automated
| update repository since such package management should resolve the new
| dependencies needed for Flash Player 10.


Flash Cookies: The Silent Privacy Killer

,----[ Quote ]
| Looking at my list, I see over 100 websites that have been accessing the same
| cookie for the last year (the last time I formatted my computer). Some of
| them are storing only 1kb of information, some are storing the full 100 kb’s.
| On my own computer, I see that my bank is storing flash information despite
| the fact that there isn’t a single flash application visible when I log in to
| check my balance. I see Youtube, CNN, Microsoft, Rotten Tomatoes and a ton
| more!



Adobe releases DRM tool for Flash video

,----[ Quote ]
| With a price tag of $40,000 per CPU, the tool is aimed at broadcasters and
| site operators that use Flash to serve streaming video.


Adobe Pushes DRM for Flash

,----[ Quote ]
| Now Adobe, which controls Flash and Flash Video, is trying to change that
| with the introduction of DRM restrictions in version 9 of its Flash Player
| and version 3 of its Flash Media Server software. Instead of an ordinary web
| download, these programs can use a proprietary, secret Adobe protocol to talk
| to each other, encrypting the communication and locking out non-Adobe
| software players and video tools. We imagine that Adobe has no illusions that
| this will stop copyright infringement -- any more than dozens of other DRM
| systems have done so -- but the introduction of encryption does give Adobe
| and its customers a powerful new legal weapon against competitors and
| ordinary users through the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).

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