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[News] [Rival] Microsoft's Latest Google FUD Baseless

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Steve "Footnote" Ballmer in denial over Google Docs

,----[ Quote ]
| As I write this article using Google Docs, I can't help wondering whether 
| Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer really believed when he publicly told two Gartner 
| analysts last week on stage that nobody uses it. Is Ballmer in denial or 
| privately sweating bullets?   



Microsoft: OpenOffice better than Google Apps

,----[ Quote ]
| When pushed, Ballmer added that he felt Google has 'very primitive'
| capabilities. "We have better competition today than Google Docs and
| Spreadsheets. We get more competition from OpenOffice and StarOffice
| frankly."


[Response to Burton Group's Microsoft FUD:]
Google denies its Apps just a Microsoft Office add-on

,----[ Quote ]
| Google staff don't like the suggestion that their own employees depend mostly 
| on Microsoft Office even as Google Apps makes headway into the enterprise 
| collaboration and e-mail market.  


To Sir, with Love

,----[ Quote ]
| Dear Microsoft,
| For years, I have watched and admired you from afar, playing witness to your 
| unshakable dominance of office productivity suites, wept when it seemed the 
| world spoke coldly of Office 2007, and protested with great vehemence against 
| your blisteringly unfair convictions as an evil monopolist. Why does the 
| world misunderstand you? Why does it question your intentions?    
| I hope that next month, when the International Organization for 
| Standardization reviews the 3,500 technical issues raised regarding your 
| proposed OOXML standard, that beautiful standard it so cruelly rejected last 
| year, justice will prevail and you will go on to succeed in yet another 
| proprietary vendor lock-in.    
| Deepest affections,
| The Burton Group
| Ok, so the recent report issued by Burton Group, a research firm specializing 
| network and applications infrastructure technologies, doesn't come right out 
| and profess its love to the Redmond-based software company, but it might as 
| well.   
| The report reads more like a love letter than a critical study aimed at 
| taking a hard look at whether the Open Document Format realistically stands a 
| chance against Microsoft's everpresent Office Open XML file format. Had it 
| done that, it could've been incredibly interesting.   
| Instead, the lengthy report, when boiled down, not only disses the long-term 
| relevance of the Open Document Format, but then goes and blames Sun 
| Microsystems for the format's downfall (if and when a downfall is to occur).  


Punct Contrapunct

,----[ Quote ]
| Guy, excuse me, did you say "conflicts of interest"? Please explain. Or maybe 
| when Peter O'Kelly comes back from speaking at Microsoft's Office Developers 
| Conference he can explain it for us?  
| [...]
| The Burton Group has denigrated the work and the members of the OASIS Open 
| Document Format Technical Committee (of which I am Co-Chair) with published 
| statements that have been shown to be false. The Burton Group owes us an 
| apology and an immediate retraction.   

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