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[News] New Campaign for Universities to Embrace Free Software and Culture

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Open University Campaign

,----[ Quote ]
| An open university is one in which
|    1. The research the university produces is open access.
|    2. The course materials are open educational resources.
|    3. The university embraces free software and open standards.
|    4. If the university holds patents, it readily licenses them for free 
|       software, essential medicines, and the public good. 
|    5. The university network reflects the open nature of the internet. 
| where "university" includes all parts of the community: students, faculty, 
| administration.  



IT: University starts Open Source master course

,----[ Quote ]
| The University of Perugia is offering a master course on Open
| Source. "Software developers and IT policy makers need to understand the
| importance and potential of this type of software and how to combine it with
| proprietary IT systems."
| The 'Master di I° Livello in Sistemi e Tecnologie Free Libre Open Source per
| la Società dell'Informazione e della Comunicazione' (First level master in
| Open Source systems and technology for the Information Society) was presented
| during a seminar on Open Source in the city of Orvieto, on 13 September.


KU Launches Linux Online Noncredit Certificate Program

,----[ Quote ]
| University of Kansas Continuing Education is launching an online noncredit
| certificate program for the popular Linux server platform.


UC Irvine Extension Hosts Online Course on Linux Software Programming

,----[ Quote ]
| “Linux Driver Primer” will explain how to develop and write code for Linux
| device drivers. Additionally, participants will gain knowledge of how to
| build and grow Linux device frameworks from scratch. This course offers
| foundational information about software programming and is a critical part of
| the new Device Software Engineering Program.    



Universities Worldwide Offer Free Open Courseware

,----[ Quote ]
| More than 100 universities worldwide - including Johns Hopkins, Tufts and
| Notre Dame - have joined the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in a
| consortium of schools promoting open courseware.  


Setting Learning Free

,----[ Quote ]
| That refocus led MIT to a radical new proposition. In the words
| of Anne Margulies, now executive director of MIT OpenCourseWare (OCW),
| "They decided that the best way the Internet could be used to
| fulfill that mission would be to give the materials away."

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