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[News] GNU Software Communicates with International Space Station

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GLXP, Team Frednet - Slow Scan TV Transmission from the International Space

,----[ Quote ]
| Saturday at 10:05 UTC we successfully received a Slow Scan Television 
| transmission from the International Space Station. The receiver chain 
| consisted of the USRP+TVRX, GNU Radio software for demodulating the FM signal 
| into audio, and the freely available Digital Master 780 for decoding the SSTV 
| data.    


Practical migration from 8-/16- to 32-bit PIC

,----[ Quote ]
| Off I went to get one of those early samples and a fresh beta copy of the 
| GNU-based MPLAB C32 C compiler. 



Keeping Your E-Mail Safe from Prying Eyes

,----[ Quote ]
| It is easy to scramble e-mail so that the White House cannot read it. I opted
| for software called Gnu Privacy Guard, an open source implementation of
| public key cryptography. There are versions for Microsoft, Apple and Linux
| systems. An extension for my Firefox browser, FireGPG, lets me encrypt Google
| Mail messages with the push of a button.


Library Techies: Beyond the Dewey Decimal System

,----[ Quote ]
| Derek Willis, a Web developer for the New York Times, led the way. Among his
| offerings were a tip on GNU's free piece of software Wget (www.gnu.org), a
| way to download an entire Web site to a desktop, as well as the use of the
| Many Eyes site (http://services.alphaworks.ibm.com/manyeyes/home) from IBM
| used to help visualize data.


Hitex offers comprehensive development support for new STM32 microcontrollers

,----[ Quote ]
| With the Hitex GNU compiler and the “Tantino for Cortex” debugger a
| professional tool chain for the STM32 family is at hand. In addition to the
| basic debugging features, “Tantino for Cortex” stands out with a
| comprehensive support of the serial wire viewer functionality of the STM32
| microcontrollers.



Does your OS systems management got GPL?

,----[ Quote ]
| The three open source players that have managed mid-market and enterprise
| customer growth — GroundWork Open Source, Hyperic and Zenoss — all base their
| products, both community and enteprise versions, on software licensed under
| the GNU General Public License (GPL).


Study: ~50% of Norwegian Software Vendors Integrate FOSS Components

,----[ Quote ]
| ... based on an extensive screening of software companies, with more than 700
| responses.
| Analysis shows that close to 50% of the software industry integrate OSS
| components into vertical solutions serving all major business sectors.
| In addition, more than 30% of the companies using OSS components have over
| 40% of their income from OSS related services or software.


Opening new doors with Open Source

,----[ Quote ]
| The Open Source development model operates mostly under the GNU General
| Public License (GPL). Often referred to as “copy-left’’ as opposed to
| copyright, software covered by the GNU GPL is available free of charge to the
| general public. Developers have access to the complete source code, making it
| easier to build customised solutions. If a programmer modifies software
| covered by the GNU GPL, then those modifications must also be made freely
| available.

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