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[News] Users Help Mothers Upgrade to GNU/Linux

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Your mom runs Ubuntu? Join the team? She doesn’t yet? Help her. And join the

,----[ Quote ]
| After having a lot of chats with friends I’s surprised how many of them 
| said “Yes, I installed Ubuntu on my mom’s pc.” So I assume there is a growing 
| user group which will never pop up in blogs, user groups or fairs: your mom, 
| the mom of your friend and mine.   


Lots more success stories, e.g.

Hidebound blogger tries getting hip with new OS

,----[ Quote ]
| This looks like an easy-to-use entry level 
| Linux OS.  It has a point-and-click environment and many native applications, 
| and it also has OpenOffice embedded in it.  I switched to OpenOffice a few 
| months ago when I gave up on the resource-hogging Microsoft Office, and I 
| have never regretted it.  Firefox came installed, and I added Thunderbird  — 
| and after several attempts, finally figured out how to import my settings 
| from my other laptop.  I’ve even managed to impress my son, who didn’t think 
| I’d ever get adventurous enough to defy the corporate control of Microsoft, 
| or something.  I couldn’t quite make out what he said through his laughter.         



The Ubuntu Experiment

,----[ Quote ]
| This isn’t the regular granny-test - this time, we’ll put Ubuntu’s famous 
| user-friendliness to the test the right way. 
| In this experiment, Ubuntu will face Windows, but it’s going to be a fair 
| game. This means that I will not customise Ubuntu to make it easier to use - 
| no, it will come exactly as-is.  

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