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[News] CIO Advice Includes Free Software and GNU/Linux

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Recession? What's Your Plan?

,----[ Quote ]
| Initiating a project to evaluate an alternative desktop such as Open Source 
| or Google Apps can generate savings in several ways.  First, you might find 
| that you can eliminate all Microsoft software on the desktop through an Open 
| Source offering such as Novell's SLED 10, a comprehensive Open Source desktop 
| solution.     
| [...]
| Here again considering a strategy of moving to Linux and Open Source 
| solutions along with virtualization of your computing environment might be an 
| option to consider and to highlight in your negotiations with current



Recession Worries? Open Source Software Is a Great Way to Cut Costs

,----[ Quote ]
| With the world economy in shambles many businesses are already battening down
| the hatches expecting rough seas ahead. IT budgets will shrink along with all
| other budgets, and maybe even more than other budgets. After all, companies
| still need to advertise and pay their workforce, but they may be able to do
| without new servers or software for a while. And that is where open source
| software vendors can help keep the ship sailing. Also read, Five Cheap (or
| Free) Software Programs You Can Afford During a Financial Crisis.


Former Hannaford CIO Has Harsh Words for Microsoft and PCI DSS

,----[ Quote ]
| Relating to Microsoft, Homa said, "We used a lot of Linux. None of the breach
| was anything related to Linux. All of it was Microsoft. Homa went on to
| say, "Microsoft is so full of holes. That's why it's still a target. If you
| limit your exposure to Microsoft, you're going to be in a more secure
| environment."


Open the Windows; the Stench is Unbearable

,----[ Quote ]
| If some of this technology were an automobile, it would be banned from the
| road. It may not have rolled over and killed anyone, but it certainly has
| rolled over and died. It should come with a warning label, “Unsafe at any
| speed.” Look at how quickly and frequently global commerce gets disrupted
| using it.

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