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[News] A Look Ahead of Linux 2009.1. New Addition to 2008.10

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Kernel Log: Coming in 2.6.28 - Part 1: ATA support and block layer

,----[ Quote ]
| In the week since the publication of Linux 2.6.27, the kernel developers have 
| already integrated more than 4000 patches into the main development tree of 
| Linux, from which kernel version 2.6.28 will emerge in late December or early 
| January (Linux 2.6.27). A single kernel log that attempted to describe all 
| these changes would quickly exceed the time available to most readers, so we 
| will deal with the changes made to the various domains of the Linux kernel 
| during this development cycle.      


Kernel Log: Ext4 completes development phase as interim step to btrfs

,----[ Quote ]
| Linus Torvalds has integrated a large collection of patches prepared by (Ext) 
| filesystem developer Theodore Ts'o (tytso) into the main development branch 
| of Linux. It contains a patch for Ext4 which allows it to present itself as 
| ext4 instead of ext4dev. This signals that with the next kernel version 
| 2.6.28, the successor to ext3 will finally leave behind its "hot" development 
| phase. The kernel developers integrated an early version of Ext4 in the main 
| development branch of Linux 2.6.19 in order to jointly develop it to maturity 
| there.       


2.6.27 adds dual-core Feroceon support

,----[ Quote ]
| Kernel patches supporting three new Feroceon-architecture system-on-chip 
| (SoC) families from Marvell have been merged into the mainline Linux 2.6.27 
| kernel. The patches cover the low-power, dual- and single-core MV7x SoCs, as 
| well as Marvell's Kirkwood (88F6000) SoC and upcoming Loki (88RC8480) SoC.   



Greg K-H Recommends New Kernel Version Naming

,----[ Quote ]
| Greg Kroah-Hartman, Linux developer at Novell, suggests a new naming scheme
| for the Kernel releases on the Kernel mailing list. The four-digit year would
| be included in the name.


Under Kroah-Hartman's proposal the first release of 2009 would be 2009.0.0.

,----[ Quote ]
| I haven't yet seen Andrew Morton or Linus Torvalds weigh in on an opinion on
| this either way. In my own personal opinion, I can certainly see benefits in
| a calendar approach and as a journalist (rather than as a user) it would save
| me the grief of looking up when a kernel came out.  As a user, frankly, I
| don't care. The current numbering system is logical and systematic so I have
| no problems with it.


Kernel Log: No unstable series; Linux 2008.7; dealing with security fixes

,----[ Quote ]
| He does not want to simply drop the 2.6 prefix – he and others do not like
| such high version numbers. That is why he is considering a model that roughly
| corresponds to the year and month – Linux 2.6.26 might then be called 2008.7.


Kernel Release Numbering Redux

,----[ Quote ]
| For many years, each Linux kernel release was assigned a series of three
| numbers, X.Y.Z, with an even Y indicating a "stable" release, and an odd Y
| indicating an "unstable" development release. Z was incremented for each
| individual kernel release.

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