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[News] Software as Services Powered by GNU/Linux, Could Take a Lesson from it

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Crystal Ball Sunday #13: Cloud Computing

,----[ Quote ]
| My prediction for this Sunday is that the future of Cloud Computing and SaaS, 
| as well as XaaS (Anything as a Service), depends on Linux and its specific 
| development for Cloud-based applications and services. Linux will be the 
| choice for future Cloud development and implementation.   


Missing in the Cloud: package managment

,----[ Quote ]
| I dare say that a standard needs to be introduced--or at least a 
| quasi-standard like we see for Linux with Yum, RPM and Synaptic (essentially 
| flavors of the same ideal.)  



Open options for cloud computing

,----[ Quote ]
| For example, a team of developers in the Computer Science Department at the
| University of California in Santa Barbara recently released the Eucalyptus
| Project, an open source infrastructure for cloud computing that mimics
| Amazon's Elastic Computing Cloud (EC2), under the FreeBSD license. The name
| Eucalyptus stands for Elastic Utility Computing Architecture for Linking Your
| Programs To Useful Systems. This software infrastructure implements cloud
| computing on clusters. Its design supports multiple client-side interfaces.
| Eucalyptus uses Linux tools and basic Web service technologies.
| [...]
| A good amount of the growing pains for cloud computing is similar to what the
| software as a service (SaaS) industry suffered in that technology's early
| stages, according to Zemlin. As he sees it, SaaS was a first-generation
| technology for cloud computing. Soon, cloud computing may have similar
| benefits for smaller businesses and consumers.



,----[ Quote ]
| Go[t] that? 10,000 core processors running GNU/Linux at the heart of Yahoo.
| Microsoft is damned if they do (rip and replace) and damned if they don't. Go
| on, make our day, Steve....


Microsoft tries to battle free with cheap. It won't work

,----[ Quote ]
| Crappy but cheap? It isn't going to stop open source. Open source wins, in
| part, because it's cheap, but anyone that has run Linux, Apache, Zimbra, etc.
| knows that there is plenty of open source that wins because it is
| awesome...and just happens to be cheap as an added benefit.


Microsoft loses 90 Billion Dollars

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