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[News] Deprived Nations United by the Free Software Movement

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Swatantra Free Culture Showcase

,----[ Quote ]
| This idea has been inspired by the UbuntuFreeCultureShowcase.
| We want to address various social, cultural, political and technologically 
| relevant issues and we want to shake things up a little bit. At the heart of 
| Swatantra's ethos is a belief in showcasing free software and free culture, 
| and we think it would be an excellent opportunity to show off some free 
| culture artists by utilising their media in various global campaigns. 
| Although the time restrictions are tight, we think this is too good an 
| opportunity to miss.      


Blog Action Day: Free Software & Poverty

,----[ Quote ]
| What does Free Software have to do with ending poverty? More than you 
| probably think. It is not just at the core of consumer products like the  
| Android loaded G1 phone from HTC, or the One Laptop Per Child XO. Linux 
| operating systems like Ubuntu are deployed by community technology centers 
| around the globe providing access to the internet, and all the information,  
| data and resources that come with it. The Free Software (while having $0 in 
| licensing costs) also reduces the cost of hardware, and allows programmers to 
| improve upon it, and share their improvements without fear.     



How Linux Can Help Reduce Poverty

,----[ Quote ]
| Poverty is a global problem, which is not limited to third world developing
| countries. Even mature developed nations like United States has ~18% poverty
| rate. There are many reasons and causes of poverty, which includes but not
| limited to, natural disasters, war, disease, politics, religion, and
| over-population and so on and so forth. Some of these causes are beyond our
| control while others are beyond our means. There is no single factor that can
| totally eliminate poverty, even the almighty latest Linux Kernel release; but
| many ideas and anti-poverty initiative can come together to reduce the causes
| of poverty.

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