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[News] Reasons to Use Linux Mint (GNU/Linux+Blobs)

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25 reasons to use Linux Mint

,----[ Quote ]
| At least, people understand what it means, Mint. With Ubuntu... (Ubuntu is 
| also an award granted to Fidel Castro this year!) 
| It's not brown. No, really, it's not brown! Brown was interesting in October 
| 2004, but four years later and still brownish... 
| It features the most elegant, business-like desktop of all the Linux 
| distributions, right out of the box. Most people would not bother to get rid 
| of the default look (theme, icons, wallpaper, GDM splash, boot splash, 
| whatever). Just look at home many Windows XP boxes are displaying the 
| horrendous blue window decorations, with red close buttons and the green 
| Start button, although changing to the more business-like Windows 2000 look 
| is a simple task.      
| Multimedia codecs, browser plugins, DVD playback, and so on, out of the box. 
| I mean, out of the box. No fuss. 



Review: Linux Mint 5 - KDE Edition

,----[ Quote ]
| Overall, I liked Mint 5 KDE, especially with the added speed and upgraded
| default non-compiz eyecandy.  It's good and stable, and works well with
| everything I could throw at it from a new and normal user's collective
| standpoints.  And it's easily shown again why Linux Mint has become my new
| number one favorite Linux distribution for new users, overtaking PcLinuxOS
| with a blast of gusto for the top spot on my list.  It's most certainly worth
| checking out.


Linux Mint 4.0 Daryna KDE Community Edition

,----[ Quote ]
| You see I've always looked upon Mint with confusion; as a derivative of
| Ubuntu I never quite understood why it existed. Sure there was a time where
| preloading codecs and software was a desirable thing but now days everyone
| has tackled that problem in different ways - thus making "out of the box"
| releases like Mint a little redundant. There are some really interesting
| things about Mint that deviate from that stereotype massively.    


Release Notes for Linux Mint 4.0 Daryna KDE Community Edition, by Jamie Boo

,----[ Quote ]
| Daryna KDE is nearly as minty as the main edition now. The packages are
| (safely) upto date and the kernel is the Gutsy Gibbon kernel 2.6.22-14.

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