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[News] GNU/Linux in Pictures and Pictures in GNU/Linux

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Upcoming Linux Distributions in Pictures

,----[ Quote ]
| The Linux world's three most influential community distributions, Fedora, 
| OpenSUSE and Ubuntu, are each undergoing beta testing toward a late fall 
| release. eWEEK Labs takes a look at some of what's new in this Linux OS trio.  


Linux Digital Photography Studio 

,----[ Quote ]
| Here is a sampling of my favorites:
|     * Digikam is an awesome all-in-one photo archiving and management, 
|       editing, and printing application. It's not an advanced editor like 
|       Gimp and Krita, but its feature set is comprehensive enough that you 
|       won't need Gimp or Krita for every editing job. It includes dcraw for 
|       high-quality RAW file manipulation, all kinds of handy batch processes, 
|       tags for organizing vast quantities of photos, and a super-nice 
|       composition and cropping editor.  
|     * Even though Gimp still lags behind the resolution of modern digital 
|       cameras and supports only 8-bit RGB, it's still more than good enough 
|       for Web images and darned good printed photos. You'll have to compare 
|       to very high-end color printing to see the differences that higher 
|       resolution and more accurate color management make. It's just a matter 
|       of time until Gimp delivers 24- and 32-bit depths and CMYK; the current 
|       release incorporates the GEGL image-processing framework for the first 
|       time, which supports these higher resolutions and more color spaces. 
|       It's still buggy, but it's on its way. 
|     * I gave Krita my vote as the real "Photoshop killer", and I still feel 
|       that way. It supports more color spaces than any other Linux 
|       application, and it was designed from the ground up to meet the needs 
|       of professionals. Though now that Gimp is moving to GEGL, I can say 
|       that Linux will someday have two "Photoshop killers". The biggest 
|       difference will be the sheer numbers of plugins available for 
|       Photoshop; everyone in the world writes Photoshop plugins.      



PCLinuxOS Digital Photography Edition


Ubuntu Photo Manager Experiment

,----[ Quote ]
| I am quite shocked by this, but the answers to all 3 of my initial questions
| is yes. There isn’t an all-in-one package that will do the trick, but by
| combining Ubuntu’s file manager Nautilus for project management, Raw Therapee
| for raw processing, and the Gimp for non-raw processing, just about
| everything I do in Aperture can be done on Ubuntu Linux using free and open
| source solutions.


The Ultimate Wallet-Sized Photograph

,----[ Quote ]
| EmTrace has created the Widget One, a wallet-sized device that will gladly
| show photos and do all sorts of Linux-powered goodness.


Linux, a photographer's dilemma. . .

,----[ Quote ]
| Obviously, alot has changed since Mandrake version 8. Some time ago,
| I tried a live CD for Ubuntu version 5.10 - and was very impressed.
| As we speek, I'm downloading Ubuntu 6.10.
| Once again, I'm flirting with the opensource idea because upgrading
| to Window's VISTA simply isn't going to happen for me.


Photo KDE Tutorial 1-4: Brightness/Contrast/Gamma + Hue/Saturation/Lightness

,----[ Quote ]
| I began this series of tutorials some time ago already, and all of them
| covered light issues. We used tools like  levels,  curves, or white balance
| adjustment.

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