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[News] Red Hat's CEO Makes Fun of Windows Codebase Mess

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Vista marks end of 'planned software'

,----[ Quote ]
| Big software releases like Windows Vista mark the end of "planned software" 
| for the industry, according to Red Hat CEO, Jim Whitehurst. 
| Speaking at a forum here Friday, Whitehurst said the proprietary, "top-down, 
| planned" software development model characteristic of closed source companies  
| is coming to an end--one which is demonstrated by the number of bugs in 
| Vista, he said.  
| Whitehurst claimed that there are "half the number of bugs in Linux per 
| thousand lines" compared to the Microsoft operating system, because of the 
| open source collaborative model.   



What will run on Windows Server 2008 — and when

,----[ Quote ]
| Are we in for a Windows-Vista-like experience, where even some of Microsoft’s 
| own applications didn’t work with its new operating system for weeks, if not 
| months?  
| [...]
| A number of Microsoft server apps that won’t support Windows Server 2008 
| until the latter half of 2008, when service packs providing Server 2008 
| compatibility are released.  


Windows server URL sends you to Apple

,----[ Quote ]
| TYPE IN windowsserver2008.com into your browser and after it thinks a bit, it 
| takes you straight to the Apple site. 


Microsoft web developers branded pants

,----[ Quote ]
| The strokers of beards and Volish nay-sayers have been claiming that reason 
| is Windows Server 2008. They claim this on the very safe assumption that 
| since Microsoft installed it, vole.com has been running like a condemned man 
| with his legs cut off on his way to his own execution.   


MS Insider: The Office Crew Isn't Smart Enough to Supplant Real Windows

,----[ Quote ]
| "With Alchin retiring, MarkL and MarkZ, two of the most talented
| architects in MS already having left, the picture gets really
| ugly for the Windows division," my friend claimed, and the BV's
| core team members, Ian McDonald, Jack Mayo, Todd Wanke, Clyde
| Rodriguez and others are starting to connect the dots.
| [...]
| He concluded ominously. "A trainwreck of biblical proportions looms.
| Pick a good seat on the sidelines, trainwrecks this large take
| awhile to complete. Vista may be the last MS OS for some time to
| come, especially if Cutler decides to play hardball."

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