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[News] The Register Publishes a Guide for GNU/Linux Sub-notebooks

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The netbook newbie's guide to Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| Thanks to their design as appliances, you can get down to useful work 
| straight away with any of the new breed of Linux-based netbooks. But sooner 
| or later, a fair few folk come up against the unfamiliarity of Linux. And, 
| like the legendary tribe of pygmies, you may find yourself jumping up and 
| down in the head-high long grass shouting out the incantation that gave the 
| tribe its name: "We're the Fukarwi."     


What a Difference a Year Can Make

,----[ Quote ]
| And let's remember: those first machines all ran GNU/Linux. Once again, 
| despite Microsoft's prattle about "innovation", it was only later that the 
| Windows world caught up. And only when Microsoft made a huge U-turn and gave 
| Windows XP a new lease of life in the face of the fact that Windows Vista was 
| not just a dog, it was a slow, fat, lazy dog that wouldn't even run properly 
| on ultaportables.     



Microsoft worried over Linux ULPCs

,----[ Quote
| An un-named Microsoft official quoted in the original article claims that
| manufacturers currently offering Linux on their low-cost devices “have made
| some good inroads with open-source, and Microsoft wants to put a stop to it.”


Feeling the heat at Microsoft

,----[ Quote ]
| If I ask you who is Microsoft's biggest competitor now, who would it be?
| Ballmer: Open...Linux. I don't want to say open source. Linux, certainly have
| to go with that.


Otellini: 'MID revolution will be centred round Linux'

,----[ Quote ]
| Intel CEO says Microsoft's insistence on pushing Vista will hand market to
| open source rival
| Intel's CEO has said that he sees the revolution that is about to happen
| around mobile internet devices (MID) such as the Eee PC and other Atom-based
| sub-notebooks will be "centred round Linux", in an interview with Associated
| Press.


Acer bets big on Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| Acer has stated that it will be pushing Linux aggressively on its laptops and
| netbooks.


Microsoft sees slide in profits

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