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[News] [Rival] Death of Microsoft MSN Groups is Confirmed

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Confirmed: Microsoft Gives Up On MSN Groups, Hands It Off To Multiply

,----[ Quote ]
| The rumor was originally reported earlier today after a series of emails were 
| posted to a MSN Discussion newsgroup, and has since been confirmed by both  
| Multiply and Microsoft through a blog post.  


Another one for the Microsoft graveyard.


Microsoft to ditch MSN Groups?

,----[ Quot ]
| An e-mail snafu has led to the leak of Microsoft's decision to shutter its
| MSN Groups service, according to LiveSide.net.


Microsoft Slaps PC Gamers, Decides to Close Ensemble Studios

,----[ Quote ]
| Despite its legacy of producing some of the very finest strategy games with
| its Age of Empire and Age of Mythology series, Microsoft decided that it
| would be financially disadvantageous to continue to operate the wholly-owned
| Ensemble Studios.


Microsoft shuts down Ensemble Studios


Microsoft Burns Down Book Search

,----[ Quote ]
| Citing poor demand, Microsoft will back away from scanning and indexing books
| and academic works for Live Search


EFF: Microsoft betrayed MSN Music customers

,----[ Quote ]
| The Electronic Frontier Foundation says that Microsoft has "betrayed" MSN
| Music customers and wants the company to make things right by issuing an
| apology, refunds, and eliminate digital rights management technology from the
| Zune music player.


MSN Music Debacle Highlights EULA Dangers

,----[ Quote ]
| MSN Music’s EULA is a case in point. When active, MSN Music's webpage touted
| that customers could “choose their device and know its going to work”.
| But when customers went to purchase songs, they were shown legalese that
| stated the download service and the content provided were sold without
| warrantee. In other words, Microsoft doesn't promise you that the service or
| the music will work, or that you will always have access to music you bought.
| The flashy advertising promised your music, your way, but the fine print
| said, our way or the highway.


When DRM detonates your music collection

,----[ Quote ]
| It is all down to the digital rights management (DRM) software that Microsoft
| has embedded in all its music downloads to combat illegal file-sharing. For
| DRM to work it needs a central computer to keep a live record of who has
| registered which songs to which computers. The problem is that the main
| server is now being turned off as the company wants to sell downloads with a
| new type of DRM. How odd that the old system was marketed as PlaysForSure.


Will the Xbox 360 survive past Christmas?

,----[ Quote ]
| The red rings of death issue simply refuses to go away for Microsoft, and no
| matter how much it reduces the cost and extends the warranty one simple
| question remains: will the Xbox 360 ever be fit for purpose?


The Xbox 360 is dead

,----[ Quote ]
| According to a report, if some Australian retailers had their way, the Xbox
| 360 would be dumped from their shelves.


In-depth exposé reveals Microsoft’s Xbox 360 failure rate was 68%

,----[ Quote ]
| The dreaded high failure rate issue with the Xbox 360, otherwise known as the
| Red Ring of Death, has received some in-depth coverage. We are talking about
| some serious coverage here with insider interviews with the original
| engineers that worked on the Xbox 360 all the way up to the high ranks of
| Microsoft.
| [...]
| Microsoft’s attitude of “release now and patch later” with the Xbox 360 has
| ended up costing billions of dollars as well as leaving many gamers angry. It
| is also speculated the reason for Microsoft’s decline in worldwide sales is
| directly attributed to the Red Ring of Death issue.


Report: Xbox 360 Failure Rate Was as High as 68%

,----[ Quote ]
| Dean Takahashi has published an incredible report that finally goes into
| great detail on Microsoft's RROD hardware saga.


Microsoft fires quality assurance whistle-blower

,----[ Quote ]
| A VOLISH QA who exposed shonky production practices during the Red Ring of
| Death fiasco has been fired.
| Robert Delaware talked to Venturebeat on the Xbox 360 defects and might face
| litigation, presumably for violating a non-disclosure agreement.


Microsoft Fires Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death Whistleblower


Microsoft fires Xbox 360 whistleblower


Microsoft sacks Xbox 360 whistleblower


Microsoft sacks 360 whistleblower


Microsoft Has Robert Delaware Dismissed for Comments on 360 Defects


Microsoft tester fired after talking about Xbox 360 defects


Microsoft fires whistleblowing employee


Microsoft Fires Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death Whistleblower, May File Lawsuit


Mayhem for Microsoft over £500m bill for Xbox 360 red ring of death

,----[ Quote ]
| Computer giants Microsoft are facing a £500million repair bill after their
| Xbox Elite consoles were hit by the notorious "red ring of death".


PS3 tops Xbox 360 in May game console sales

,----[ Quote ]
| Nintendo's Wii remains atop the monthly sales race in the U.S. video-game
| console market, but Sony's Playstation 3 beat Microsoft's Xbox 360 in May
| unit sales released by the NPD Group research firm today. Here's how the
| three consoles stacked up:
| Nintendo Wii: 675,100
| PlayStation 3: 208,700
| Xbox 360: 186,600
| [comment:]
| Guess the "inventory" excuse is now out. So maybe this explains why MSFT
| reshuffled management this week.


Microsoft Xbox Executive out Amid Reshuffling

,----[ Quote ]
| Jeff Bell, corporate vice president of global marketing for Microsoft's
| Interactive Entertainment Business, is leaving the company at the end of the
| summer to pursue other interests after only two years at the company,
| Microsoft said Thursday. Summer in the U.S. typically means the months of
| June, July and August.


X-Box flops, Microsoft winds up ops in several cities

,----[ Quote ]
| It seems to be troubled days for Microsoft's X-Box as it seems the company is
| now winding up operations in several cities.
| [...]
| According to sources, the company has withdrawn from several Tier-I cities
| due to lackluster sales. Microsoft Entertainment & Devices Division has also
| withdrawn the marketing budget for the current fiscal.


Xbox 360 On The Skids Retailers Consider Dumping It


MS showcases Red Ring of Death Xbox 360 at expo

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft executives will be a little red-faced today after an Xbox 360 on
| display at this year’s Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco
| contracted the infamous ‘Red Ring of Death’ disease.


Microsoft's own chip design blamed for Xbox 360 RRoD

,----[ Quote ]
| The Xbox 360's infamous Red Ring of Death problem was the price Microsoft
| paid for attempting to save money by designing its own graphics chip for the
| console rather than buy one off a specialist supplier, it has been claimed.


PS3 tops Xbox 360 for third straight month

,----[ Quote ]
| Sony sold 224,900 PlayStation 3 consoles in the United States in July,
| according to data released this afternoon by the NPD Group research firm.
| That put the PS3 ahead of the Xbox 360 in U.S. unit sales for the third
| straight month. Microsoft sold 204,800 of its consoles in the country in
| July, according to the NPD data.


Microsoft Needs Its Mojo Back

,----[ Quote ]
| Somewhere in the Silicon Valley, there's a Doctor Evil holding a test tube
| full of Microsoft Mojo. Unlike the golden age of the 1990s, Microsoft isn't
| generating excitement anymore. Sure, people still care what Microsoft does,
| but lately it's more like the industry knows the company is headed for a fall
| and is just rubbernecking to see the inevitable result.
| Problems are arriving on all fronts. Vista uptake in the enterprise just
| isn't happening; it's likely that many Vista licenses sold there are being
| downgraded to XP. Microsoft's plan to combine search forces with Yahoo hardly
| matters; at this point the both of them are plummeting against Google, which
| has nearly 70% share. The Zune music player is a minor nuisance to Apple's
| iPod. Sony just announced price cuts that are likely to push Microsoft into
| another round of XBox cuts, just as they were starting to eke out a profit.
| (Microsoft has lost about $7 billion on XBox since 2002.)

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