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[News] Free Software's Equal Opportunity Battles Exploitation

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Blog Action Day 2008: The Obstacles to Using Open-Source to Provide Equal
Opportunity and Combat Poverty

,----[ Quote ]
| Standard proprietary you-need-a-new-computer-every-few-years software is not 
| a model that allows everyone to have a computer. A very bottom of the line 
| Vista desktop from Dell costs nearly $500, so it is hardly realistic for 
| everyone to own one. Linux and open-source software, however, present an 
| alternative. Linux and most of its software are free and run on older 
| computers, allowing anyone to install it on an old, discarded computer and 
| donate it to someone not fortunate enough to own a computer.      



Open Sustainability Network Event in San Francisco, this weekend

,----[ Quote ]
| North by South will be participating in the Open Sustainability Network camp
| in San Francisco this weekend. OSNCamp is “a BarCamp style conference about
| free content and knowledge sharing in sustainability, international
| development, appropriate technology and solutions to poverty.”


How Linux Can Help Reduce Poverty

,----[ Quote ]
| Poverty is a global problem, which is not limited to third world developing
| countries. Even mature developed nations like United States has ~18% poverty
| rate. There are many reasons and causes of poverty, which includes but not
| limited to, natural disasters, war, disease, politics, religion, and
| over-population and so on and so forth. Some of these causes are beyond our
| control while others are beyond our means. There is no single factor that can
| totally eliminate poverty, even the almighty latest Linux Kernel release; but
| many ideas and anti-poverty initiative can come together to reduce the causes
| of poverty.


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