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[News] Project Promotes Digital Freedom in Education and Youth

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,----[ Quote ]
| DFEY stands for "Digital Freedom in Education and Youth" - what that actually 
| means in practise I'll get to in a second. 


Awareness of the issues is growing (DRM, eavesdropping, disablement with
remotes switches, etc).

Stallman, a man the Free Software movement needs

,----[ Quote ]
| A Free Software world may be out of reach at this point and in a time when 
| cost reduction has become the driving force behind spreading Free Software 
| instead of ideology in one man stands up to point at the right direction, so 
| the movement doesn’t forget about its goals and its responsibilitto the 
| people.    



Revealing Errors 

,----[ Quote ]
| Geeks support groups like the FSF and EFF because, as people who understand 
| technology, they understand just how powerful technology is. Geeks know that 
| control of our communication technologies is control over what we can say, 
| who we can say it to, and how and when we can say it. In an increasingly 
| technologically mediated age, control over technology is not only the power 
| to control our actions; it is the power to limit our possible actions. Our 
| freedom to our technology is our freedom, full stop.      


Digital Freedom Campaign

,----[ Quote ]
| The Digital Freedom Campaign has one primary goal, paraphrased,
| don't throw the digital revolution baby out with the bathwater
| as new technologies can both empower end users and content 
| creators, at the same time, or restrict them and keep them
| buried in frivolous and future stopping artificial restrictions
| brought about by certain narrow minded interests. They don't
| think that corporate or governmental enforced luddism or
| hijacking of technology should take place, and that people all
| over need the freedom to use modern technology to the fullest,
| with everyone's rights represented, not just one side or
| the other.


Free as in Beer!

,----[ Quote ]
| Of course, I'm not advocating not caring about freedom-as-in-speech. I'm a
| librarian and have worked for years in a world were everything's
| free-as-in-speech, but I also advocate the enjoyment of that shared freedom.
| Just like the library, the freedom of free software is something all of us
| can use, share, and enjoy.


Digital Freedom: Fighting for your Digital Rights

,----[ Quote ]
| What are the biggest challenges the Binary Freedom team faces?
| Big corporate lobbies, they have the money but we have the spirit.

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