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Re: Alex Jones claims Microsoft is a front for IBM

* Tim Smith peremptorily fired off this memo:

> If I'd simply quoted Roy-written text or linked to it, you would not 
> have looked, your automatic belief in everything Roy says would have 
> kicked in.

Don't give me that crap, Tim.

By nature, I'm a skeptic.  I think for myself.

I've already explained many times my thoughts on Roy.

> By just citing the original article, I was giving you a chance to read 
> it, and be puzzled why I would mention since an innocent story as if 
> there was something significant.  I figured that you would express that 
> puzzlement, Roy would see that and jump in, and demonstrate how loony he 
> actually is, in a way that even you might see as looney.

Unfortunately not.

I think Paul Thurott is more loony than Roy is, and Moshe, DFS, and even
Hadron exceed Roy in lunacy, and are certainly often way more unpleasant
than Roy, who generally responds with a light touch even when provoked
(alleged castration threats aside).

I would much rather Roy be posting, and suffer some inaccurate links,
lame quips <grin>, and even some tin-foil hat material, than have to
read the rantings, insults, and outright lies posted by many others

Roy's biggest problem is that he is digging into Microsoft dirt, and
hence attracts ad hominem attacks from unpleasant munchkins who won't
flinch from mud-slinging in defense of Microsoft's dominance.

And, like most of us, he makes mistakes or goes too far from time to
time, which makes the attacks easier.

* o-o always like debmake because he knew exactly what it would do...
<ibid> o-o: you would ;-)

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