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[News] Another Open and Linux-based Portable Media Player

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Hacker-friendly karaoke PMP runs Linux

,----[ Qoute ]
| A Taiwanese electronic system design company has developed an open-source 
| MP3, video, and Karaoke player that runs Linux 2.6.x. Cool-Idea Technology's 
| Cool-Karaoke uses a 400MHz ARM920t processor, includes 4GB of flash and a 
| 320x240 display, and supports customization with a freely downloadable 
| toolchain and source code.    



PMPs run Linux on ARM Cortex

,----[ Quote ]
| Archos announced new portable media players (PMPs) that run Linux on ARM
| Cortex processors. The Archos 5 and Archos 7 (pictured) offer 4.8- and 7-inch
| touchscreens, respectively, and include WiFi, hard drives, and an optional
| 3.5G cellular connection.


"Fashion accessory" PMP camera runs Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| A style-conscious Samsung digital camera and personal media player (PMP) is
| built on a MontaVista Linux platform, it was revealed by a reader. Shipping
| since last year, the Samsung i70 features 7.2-megapixel resolution, 3x
| optical zoom, and Samsung's ASR (Advanced Shake Reduction) technology.


Linux-based PMP features head-worn display

,----[ Quote ]
| The Indicube combines a Linux-based PMP with an HMD (head-mounted display).
| On its website, the Korean company states, "Because it equipped with a Linux
| embedded system, Indicube not only offers a file managing system like a PC,
| but can decode most codecs sufficient to play HD videos easily."  



The Linux-based Archos 604

,----[ Quote ]
| Geeks.com sent us in one of their consumer electronics, the Linux-based
| Archos 604 PMP for a whirl, and we surely gave it one. This 30 GB PMP is the
| fourth generation video product from Archos, one of the biggest names in that
| market.


Archos über wireless movie player rides in

,----[ Quote ]
| French media-player maker Archos has begun selling what it claims is
| the only handheld video player with a 7in display and wireless
| connectivity, all for just $550 (£286/420 Euro).


Archos 705 "Mobile DVR" with WiFi unveiled, thanks FCC

,----[ Quote ]
| Very little is known about the functionality so far, but that whole
| "Mobile DVR" tag on the name could imply that Archos is packing a
| bit more TV-centric functionality into the device -- rumors have
| mentioned the possibility of a built-in TV tuner -- or perhaps just
| trying to position the same old, same old a tad bit better in the market.

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