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[News] RMS Explains Compromises as GNU Turns 25

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Avoiding Ruinous Compromises

,----[ Quote ]
| The free software movement aims for a social change: to make all software 
| free so that all software users are free and can be part of a community of 
| cooperation. Every non-free program gives its developer unjust power over the 
| users. Our goal is to put an end to that injustice.   
| [...]
| It's no use going faster by taking the wrong road. Compromise is essential to 
| achieve a large goal, but beware of compromises that lead away from the goal. 


Richard Stallman looks back at 25 years of the GNU project

,----[ Quote ]
| On September 27, 1983, Richard M. Stallman announced his intention to found 
| the GNU project in order to build a free operating system. Now, 25 years 
| later, the Free Software Foundation is marking the anniversary of the 
| announcement with a month-long celebration. Looking back at the last quarter 
| century, Stallman expresses some guarded satisfaction with the growth of the 
| free software movement, but also some bemusement about how it has grown more 
| complex as it has faced new challenges from within and without, and an 
| awareness of how far it still has to go to reach its goals.       



Open source vs. proprietary? Turn the question around!

,----[ Quote ]
| Several decades ago the software 'industry' managed to re-write our
| perception of history and make most people believe that proprietary software
| is normal, and open source is the aberration, while in reality software
| actually started out as open.
| It is time to change our thinking and to stop trying to justify the use of
| open source software. It doesn't need justification like that. Free and open
| software should be the logical, sensible default choice in all cases, with
| proprietary software only to be considered when there are compelling reasons
| for it.

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