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[News] [Rival] Larry Lessig Attacked by the MAFIAA, Swedesh Author Retaliates Against MAFIAA

  • Subject: [News] [Rival] Larry Lessig Attacked by the MAFIAA, Swedesh Author Retaliates Against MAFIAA
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 30 Apr 2009 21:40:31 +0000
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
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Not Smart: Warner Music Issues DMCA Takedown On Larry Lessig Presentation

,----[ Quote ]
| If there were anyone out there to whom you would not want to send a random 
| takedown notice for an online video, it would probably be Larry Lessig. Given 
| that Lessig has become the public face for those who feel that copyright has 
| been stretched too far, as well as being a founder of Stanford's Fair Use 
| Project, and who's written multiple books on these issues, you would think 
| (just maybe) that any copyright holder would at least think twice before 
| sending a DMCA takedown on a Larry Lessig presentation.      
| Apparently, you'd be wrong. 


Best-selling Swedish author uploads audio book to the Pirate Bay to protest
court verdict

,----[ Quote ]
| The well-known Swedish author Unni Drougge was so upset by the court verdict 
| against the Pirate Bay that she uploaded a home-made audio book version of 
| her best-selling new novel Boven i Mitt Drama Kallas Kärlek (The villan in my 
| drama is called love) to the site, complete with a manifesto for free file 
| sharing and a link to her Paypal account.    



Free Culture (99 of 108)

,----[ Quote ]
| A similar story could be told about the birth of the free software movement.
| When computers with software were first made available commercially, the
| software--both the source code and the binaries--was free. You couldn't run a
| program written for a Data General machine on an IBM machine, so Data General
| and IBM didn't care much about controlling their software.


Crowd-sourcing a "fair use" case

,----[ Quote ]
| As mentioned, the Fair Use Project at Stanford's CIS is representing Shepard
| Fairey in his suit against the AP. To that end, we'd be grateful for some
| net-based knowledge. How many photos are there "like" the beautiful
| photograph that Mannie Garcia took (the one on the left; the one on the right
| is a CC licensed photo taken by Steve Jurvetson)?


activism down under

,----[ Quote ]
| The anger and activism at a rule in New Zealand requiring Internet service be
| terminated upon a mere accusation of copyright infringement is growing.


John Conyers and Open Access

,----[ Quote ]
| The "open access movement" was born to create an alternative to this. Even if
| restrictive copyright was a necessary evil in the days of dead-tree-based
| publishing, it was still an evil. High costs restrict access. The business
| model of the scientist is to spread his or her knowledge as widely as
| possible. Open access journals, such as, for example, those created by the
| Public Library of Science, have adopted a different publishing model, to
| guarantee that all all research is freely accessible online (under the freest
| Creative Commons license) immediately, to anyone around the world. This
| guarantee of access, however, is not purchased by any compromise in academic
| standards. There is still a peer-review process. There is still even a
| paper-based publication.


Reboot the FCC

,----[ Quote ]
| The solution here is not tinkering. You can't fix DNA. You have to bury it.
| President Obama should get Congress to shut down the FCC and similar
| vestigial regulators, which put stability and special interests above the
| public good. In their place, Congress should create something we could call
| the Innovation Environment Protection Agency (iEPA), charged with a simple
| founding mission: "minimal intervention to maximize innovation." The iEPA's
| core purpose would be to protect innovation from its two historical enemies—
| excessive government favors, and excessive private monopoly power.


Larry Lessig: From Copyright to Politics, from Stanford (Back) to Harvard

,----[ Quote ]
| At Harvard, he won’t be focusing exclusively on intellectual property — the
| topic that made him famous. He’ll, in the words of Harvard, launch
| a “five-year project examining what happens when public institutions depend
| on money from sources that may be affected by the work of those institutions
| — for example, medical research programs that receive funding from
| pharmaceutical companies whose drugs they review, or academics whose policy
| analyses are underwritten by special interest groups.”


Media used by cable to create Google scandal

,----[ Quote ]
| Why was this turned into an anti-network neutrality story? Probably because
| the Journal has long been banging the drum against neutrality, for
| ideological reasons and because big companies are big advertisers.
| Also, I believe, because this is how cable operators — who fear a neutral
| network will break their video business model — spun it.
| Why believe what I’m saying? Possibly because the two “experts” the reporters
| consulted to justify their spin, Richard Whitt of Google and attorney Larry
| Lessig, say their words were twisted.


WSJ followup: baseless, unsupported, and wrong, yet they're sticking by the

,----[ Quote ]
| The charge that Obama was shifting policy was, and is, completely baseless.
| The charge that I had "shifted" my position was, and is, completely
| unsupported (and false). And the charge that Google was violating network
| neutrality principles has been shown (concisely by David Isenberg, one of the
| originals in this debate) to be just wrong -- no one who understands
| what "network neutrality" (or what we used to call this before it was smartly
| marketed, "end-to-end") is could believe that edge caching services, living
| in a competitive market, could raise NN concerns.
| So they're sticking by a story that's baseless, unsupported and wrong. Sounds
| like we know where the Bushies have gone to work now that they've left the
| White House.


The made-up dramas of the Wall Street Journal


WSJ Accuses Google of Abandoning Net Neutrality: Reality Check

,----[ Quote ]
| The Wall Street Journal specifically attacks Google's OpenEdge project as a
| means by which Google can have its own content given bandwidth priority over
| other web sites. Before we go into a terrified panic that Google is
| abandoning Net neutrality for its own nefarious purposes, how about we look
| at what OpenEdge actually does.


Lawrence Lessig Announced as 2008 Monaco Media Prize Winner

,----[ Quote ]
| His Serene Highness Prince Albert II announced Professor Lawrence Lessig as
| the winner of the second annual Monaco Media Prize tonight at a special
| ceremony during the 2008 Monaco Media Forum in Monte-Carlo.


Third Eye Blind singer: A Web site can be your album

,----[ Quote ]
| How fluid and creatively freeing? And the best part is, you don't have to get
| permission form a boss in order to do it. Yay! This all seems so much more
| democratic to me. Fewer people will become billionaires this way, but more
| people will make a living making music. The good old days are here.


Knowledge is not inward looking

,----[ Quote ]
| ``Knowledge is not inward looking... it liberates`` is one of the convictions
| proposed by the International Congress on ``Free Software and  the
| democratisation of knowledge`` organised by the Salesian Polytechnical
| University of Ecuador


[Random-bits] U.S. Publishers lobby Obama -- against Larry Lessig


In Defense of Piracy

,----[ Quote ]
| What is it that allows these lawyers and executives to take a case like this
| seriously, to believe there's some important social or corporate reason to
| deploy the federal scheme of regulation called copyright to stop the spread
| of these images and music? "Let's Go Crazy" indeed!


Registration for Prof. Lessig’s Public Lecture on 24 October, 2008


Lessig: Don't fall into the four-year trap

,----[ Quote ]
| On a massive display screen, he loaded up a portrait of legendary New England
| statesman and eventual Secretary of State Daniel Webster, whose professional
| conflicts of interest would have been enough to make even the most lukewarm
| of political bloggers cringe.
| "Bribery wasn't even a crime in our Congress until 1853. The 19th century was
| a cesspool of this kind of corruption," Lessig explained. "Up to 25 percent
| of the voters literally sold their votes. I'm not talking about a golden
| past."
| [...]
| And then there's the big one: global warming, and the "junk science" research
| put forth at the behest of the oil industry.
| "Just putting money on the table removes the conditions of trust," Lessig
| said. "Money destroys the opportunity for trust. Eighty-eight percent of the
| people in my district believe they have their votes bought."
| [...]
| He left his role as founder and CEO of copyright reform advocacy group
| Creative Commons in April to focus on Change Congress.


FCC Member, Lessig Unveil U.S. Broadband Initiative

,----[ Quote ]
| At the Personal Democracy Forum in New York, Adelstein and others unveiled
| InternetforEveryone.org, a movement aimed at fostering a public dialogue
| among U.S. citizens to advise the government on how to set a national policy.
| [...]
| Lessig, known for being an outspoken critic of government policy around the
| Internet, called the U.S. broadband situation "abysmal" and said lawmakers
| have allowed a "Neanderthal policy" to govern access to broadband for the
| past eight years.



Action urged to keep net neutral

,----[ Quote ]
| Professor Lawrence Lessig was speaking at a public meeting to debate the
| tactics some net firms use to manage data traffic at busy times.
| He said the Federal Communications Committee (FCC) should act to keep all net
| traffic flowing equally.  


Exposing a closed Congress to Open Source: Change Congress

,----[ Quote ]
| The first half of Lessig's remarks closely tracked the inaugural lecture on
| corruption he delivered at Stanford last year, after announcing that he would
| be abandoning the work on cyberlaw and free culture that had made him a geek
| superstar in order to study the ways money's influence distorts the political
| process. He detailed how, on an array of "easy questions" in areas ranging
| from copyright terms to dietary recommendations to climate change to military
| procurement, the interests of funders had driven a wedge between policy
| formation or academic inquiry and the overwhelming consensus of impartial
| experts. He also offered conservatives, who have often been skeptics of
| campaign finance reform, a rationale to share his concerns: "Why is
| government so big?" Lessig asked rhetorically. "Because congressmen must get
| elected." He claimed, for example, that legislators had been reluctant to
| establish a more deregulated telecommunications framework for the Internet in
| the 1990s because the looming threat of regulation kept campaign
| contributions rolling in from telecom firms.


Larry Lessig: Time to reject corporate influence on Washington

,----[ Quote ]
| Iconic Internet law professor Larry Lessig may have cast off plans for a
| congressional bid of his own, but he still wants to turn the political
| process as we know it upside down.


Professor Lessig Is In

,----[ Quote ]
| Stanford professor Lawrence Lessig hates corruption. He hates it so much, in
| fact, that last year he announced he’d be shifting away from his work on
| copyright and trademark law — on which he’s one of the leading experts in the
| country, especially when it comes to emerging digital, broadcast, and
| Internet technologies — to focus on it. He hates it so much he considered
| running for Tom Lantos’s seat in Congress, at the behest of an Internet
| campaign to draft him. (After a few days of soul-searching, he decided
| against it.)      


EU suggests singers and musicians should earn copyright fees for 95 years

,----[ Quote ]
| Singers and musicians should earn royalty fees for 95 years — almost double
| the current 50-year limit, a European Union official said Thursday as he
| promised to draft new copyright protection rules.  


RIAA gets Does' names after school threatened with contempt

,----[ Quote ]
| Hours after a federal court judge ordered Oklahoma State University to show
| cause why it shouldn't be held in contempt for failing to respond to an RIAA
| subpoena, attorneys for the school e-mailed a list of students' names to the
| RIAA's attorneys.  



Lessig: Required Reading: the next 10 years

,----[ Quote ]
| Yet governments continue to push ahead with this idiot idea -- both Britain
| and Japan for example are considering extending existing terms. Why?
| The answer is a kind of corruption of the political process. Or better,
| a "corruption" of the political process. I don't mean corruption in the
| simple sense of bribery. I mean "corruption" in the sense that the
| system is so queered by the influence of money that it can't even get
| an issue as simple and clear as term extension right.


RIAA, MPAA urge pro-copyright vows from presidential candidates

,----[ Quote ]
| One question, for instance, asks: "How would you promote the progress of
| science and creativity, as enumerated in the U.S. Constitution, by upholding
| and strengthening copyright law and preventing its diminishment?"  


Lessig For Congress?

,----[ Quote ]
| A 'Draft Lessig' group is forming on Facebook, featuring some of Lessig's old
| co-workers at Harvard and Jimmy Wales, among others. No word from Lessig
| himself yet, but he's been increasingly vocal about politics of late. If it
| happens, it would be a huge step forward for the representation of technology
| in Washington.    


The Creative Commons CC0 project

,----[ Quote ]
| CC0[http://creativecommons.org/projects/cczero] is a Creative Commons
| project designed to promote and protect the public domain by 1) enabling
| authors to easily waive their copyrights in particular works and to
| communicate that waiver to others, and 2) providing a means by which
| any person can assert that there are no copyrights in a particular work,
| in a way that allows others to judge the reliability of that assertion.


Creative Commons Artist Spotlight: Convey

,----[ Quote ]
| Every week, we will introduce our readers to emerging musical artists who
| choose to release their work under Creative Commons licenses.


Fedora and Creative Commons Team Up To Deliver LiveContent Distribution

,----[ Quote ]
| Red Hat and Creative Commons have said that Fedora 7 will serve as the
| platform for Creative Commons LiveContent CD, an initiative to showcase free,
| open source software and dynamic, Creative Commons-licensed multimedia
| content.


[Creative Commons in Support of] GPLv3!

,----[ Quote ]
| Note that Creative Commons has always recommended the GPL and other
| free software licenses for software. We look forward to transitioning
| software we create to GPLv3.


Creative Commons Sponsored Software ccHost Release

,----[ Quote ]
| These features most notably show up and are tested in Creative Commons'
| project, ccMixter (www.ccmixter.org), a popular on-line social network
| service that supports legal music sharing and remixing.


Handling of Microsoft's copyleft violation

,----[ Quote ]
| A member of the Microsoft packaged software team lifting one of my
| images is definitely a case where the infringing party should have
| known better, as the company routinely takes action to protect its
| own IP.


Newsmaker:  Joi Ito a man of many hats

,----[ Quote ]
| Q: I would like to ask if Joi thinks traditional copyright as
| articulated in much Western legislation is outdated?
| Ito: I think copyright is outdated. Basically, copyright in the
| physical world is a very limited thing. It doesn't affect you showing
| someone a book, how you read a book or how you sell a book you own
| because it involves only making copies which used to be expensive
| and cumbersome. On the Net, every time you view a Web page, you are
| making a copy, and every activity that involves content involves a
| lot of copying and mixing of stuff. This screws up copyright but
| also allows copyright to significantly screw us up by extending
| the ability of copyright to influence and control a significant
| portion of our online activities just because every step we take,
| we are "copying" something. Creative Commons is trying to work
| inside of the current copyright regime to provide choice and show
| people the value of sharing and do what we can.


EU suggests singers and musicians should earn copyright fees for 95 years

,----[ Quote ]
| Singers and musicians should earn royalty fees for 95 years — almost double
| the current 50-year limit, a European Union official said Thursday as he
| promised to draft new copyright protection rules.  


RIAA gets Does' names after school threatened with contempt

,----[ Quote ]
| Hours after a federal court judge ordered Oklahoma State University to show
| cause why it shouldn't be held in contempt for failing to respond to an RIAA
| subpoena, attorneys for the school e-mailed a list of students' names to the
| RIAA's attorneys.


I Blew It on Microsoft

,----[ Quote ]
| We pro-regulators were making an assumption that history has shown
| to be completely false: That something as complex as an OS has to be
| built by a commercial entity. Only crazies imagined that volunteers
| outside the control of a corporation could successfully create a
| system over which no one had exclusive command. We knew those
| crazies. They worked on something called Linux.

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