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[News] Advise for GNU/Linux Beginners, New Audiocast from Linux Format

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Getting Into Linux the Easy Way (Linux for Beginners)

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| In Linux For Absolute Beginners: 3 Easy Ways to Test-Drive Linux I reviewed 
| some simple ways to safely test-drive Linux. All of them involved selecting a 
| Linux distribution to try, then downloading and burning it to a CD. Anyone 
| can learn how to install Linux in different ways, such as dual-booting, 
| standalone on a single PC, or in a virtual machine. While installing Linux is 
| very easy as far as installing operating systems goes, it still requires a 
| bit of geekery. If anything goes wrong it can eat up a lot of time  
| troubleshooting, especially when you're not familiar with Linux.       


Podcast Season 1 Episode 7

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| In this episode: Ubuntu 9.04 is here and Renai LeMay says it's as slick as 
| Mac OS X. We also get to play with the GP2X Wiz portable games console and 
| ponder on the announcement that Oracle is going to buy Sun Microsystems. Our 
| open ballot asks whether we should dump OpenOffice.org.    



The Argument for Buying Linux Pre-Installed

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| One of the things you hear a lot is that Macs “just work.” As nicely
| described in this article, Linux “just works” just as well if you only run it
| on hardware it was designed to run on. I would like to take the post one step
| further, though. I would recommend that new Linux users, perhaps after
| testing out the Live CD for a bit, should actually buy a computer with Linux
| pre-installed.

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