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[News] GNU/Linux Advised as Remedy to Broken Microsoft Windows

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Spam From Hijacked Webmail Accounts

,----[ Quote ]
| Assuming your system is equipped with up-to-date antivirus software, and that 
| you've conducted a full system scan, you can get a second opinion by turning 
| to one of my favorite diagnostic tools, Ultimate Boot CD.  
| This is basically a distribution of Linux that you can burn to a CD. Assuming 
| your system is configured to boot from a CD (if not, you can try these 
| suggestions), it will allow you to boot up into another operating system 
| environment that lets you run a slew of diagnostic checks on the underlying 
| hard drive and operating system, including virus scans from at least three 
| different anti-malware vendors. It is generally safe to delete any suspect 
| files found in these scans, but the scans themselves can take many hours to 
| complete, depending on how many files you have on your system.       



Ubuntu Linux Boot CD - don’t leave home without it

,----[ Quote ]
| Come presentation time his Powerpoint slides didn’t display properly. After
| each click he had to wait up to 30 seconds for the next slide to appear. Very
| disconcerting to him and his audience. He tried putting the setting back to
| the way they were, but to no avail.
| If he had a Ubuntu boot CD with him, he could have recovered this situation
| in about 2 minutes. All he had to do was insert the boot CD in the CD drive,
| ensure that his notebook’s BIOS was set to boot from CD, then go for it.


Linux Desktops: Real Relief for Windows Users

,----[ Quote ]
| In this op/ed article, Andrea describes the pains and pitfalls of the Windows
| OS and offers some candid advice from personal experiences.



Parking with Windows

,----[ Quote ]
| Windows.
| One can't even park anymore without getting the Blue Screen of Death.
| Incidentally, the parking attendant couldn't figure out why I wanted to take
| a picture of the payment machine. For my part, I couldn't figure out why he  
| wasn't running a real operating system. :-)


Who Knew... [Musical instruments crash]

,----[ Quote ]
| Who knew that even musical instruments could experience Microsoft’s Blue
| Screen of Death. I didn’t until I went to Seattle’s Experience Music Project
| last week.  


Trouble Shooting The Blue Screen of Death

,----[ Quote ]
| Fortunately since Windows 2000 this has become less of a common occurrence,
| or so it seemed. Working late last night at a client’s office on a handful
| of problems already, Windows Vista (Brand new machine, only a week old)
| decided to show me otherwise. While copying some vital files to the
| machine, it restarted windows. After a rebooting to the login screen,
| it then repeated the process of halting and restarted, nice!


Would You put Your Life in Vista's Hands?

,----[ Quote ]
| While on a visit in Romania, where Bill Gates participated in the
| celebration of 10 years since the Microsoft branch has been running
| there, and the launch of Vista, declared that, with the right amount
| of administration, the new Vista could run life support systems in
| hospitals.

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