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Re: [News] Getting Rid of Novell/Microsoft Mono and Moonlight

RolandL wrote:
On Thu, 30 Apr 2009 08:07:14 -0700, Bill Baka wrote:

Andrew Halliwell wrote:
But mono and moonlight are open source crapware. What's wrong with
replacing one set of "crapware" with another that isn't infested with
stuff microsoft could threaten with patent suits at the drop of a hat?

Short answer, I got a program from the repository that did cause
problems, but I don't know exactly which one since I had installed about
ten apps that day.

Bill Baka

Last time I tried to remove mono from my system I aborted when it indicated
it was a dependency for Hugin, the panorama stitcher. That was the only
dependency for mono. Do you have Hugin installed?

No. I wasn't talking about mono in particular, but confirming the fact that even in Ubuntu land some of the programs in the repository can cause problems. I can live with that since the programs are free and not checked as extensively as commercial software, and we, the users, are sometimes if not always the ones to find and report bugs. This is more of a huge family using Ubuntu (or Linux in general) than what the Microsoft crowd could ever be.
Find a bug, report it, and watch M$ fix one bug and create 6 more.
That's all I was hinting at.

Bill Baka

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