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[News] SFLC Releases Audiocast

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Episode 0x0C: Patently False

,----[ Quote ]
| Karen and Bradley discuss the intersections of software patents with FLOSS 
| licenses. They give a general overview of how patents generally interact with 
| FLOSS, and then discuss the patent provisions of specific FLOSS licenses.  



Bradley and Karen discuss the settlement of the Microsoft/TomTom law suit and
the implications for the software freedom community.

,----[ Quote ]
| This show was released on Tuesday 14 April 2009; its running time is
| 00:34:36.
| [...]
| # Bradley and Karen were in San Francisco attending the Linux Foundation's
| Collaboration Summit (00:46)
| # “Producer Dan” is Dan Lynch of half baked media. (01:10)
| # Bradley mentioned Nehru jackets, notably worn by Ricardo Montalbán as Khan
| in Star Trek. (01:23)
| # On 30 March 2009, Microsoft and TomTom settled their patent dispute. (2:30)
| # Bradley mentioned two articles on 29 December 2008 and on 29 January 2009
| in SD Times where he and Sam Ramji debated Microsoft's policies toward the
| FLOSS community. (04:20)
| # Karen and Bradley talk about Microsoft's historic patent threats against
| Linux. Bradley refers to Microsoft's assertions just 16 months before its
| aggression with TomTom. (4:29)
| # Bradley mentions that many agree that Microsoft's FAT file patent should
| not be considered a valid patent. (6:30)

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