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Re: [News] Microsoft Tries to Extinguish Sub-notebooks Because They Kill Windows (Earnings Dive)

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____/ Philip on Tuesday 28 April 2009 21:12 : \____

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
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>> Opinion: Microsoft still harming netbook markets
>> ,----[ Quote ]
>> | I can’t stress strongly enough how much this business practice bothers me.
>> | I
> "there is no physical limitation as to why the OS can’t come pre-loaded
> on a netbook. It is only a control mechanism to protect Microsoft’s
> business plan, cash stream and revenue projections. OEMs are more than
> capable of creating hardware in netbooks today which would rival the
> highest-end desktops of just a few years ago, and yet such power is not
> allowed because these “soft limitations” exist."
> Right, and this practice will continue with Vista 7 and the pay-up or
> it's 3-apps-at-a-time limitation.

A Germany site showed an E-mail from ASUS confirming that Microsoft bribes to
keep Linux out. No wonder Microsoft's profit sank 32%. The illegality of
Microsoft's behaviour aside, Linux is killing it financially.

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