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[News] Freedom, Openness and Transparency Still Catching on and Spreading

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BioIT in Boston: What is Open?

,----[ Quote ]
| My talk is “Open Semantic Data in Science”. I’ll probably write 3-4 blog 
| posts on the various aspects of this, and at present I’m thinking of: 
|     * What is Open? (this post)
|     * What is semantic? And what do we require for it?
|     * What is data?
|     * What are we able to offer (with some modest emphasis on our own 
|       endeavours). 


Why online transparency matters

,----[ Quote ]
| Identifying corruption, says Swartz, requires more than a mere re-arrangement 
| of data rows; data is just a veil – and usually useless at that -to more 
| sinister activities – lunches with lobbyists and voting under emergency 
| provisions – which almost never show up in official voting records that are 
| being digitized and scrapped by Sunlight and its grantees (this is what 
| Swartz means by “reality doesn't live in databases”).      



How Open a Platform does "Open Government" Need?

,----[ Quote ]
| These documents, which were posted for public comment through September 22 of
| last year, represent but the latest deliverables of a carefully considered
| and practical process. The definition and requirements for open standards
| that the IDABC has developed are both sound in substance and founded on real
| and well articulated justifications.
| I believe that the EU is following a path that is leading towards the type of
| interoperability within governments, and between governments and citizens,
| that should serve as a model for governments everywhere. Hopefully
| governments around the world will so conclude as well. If they do decide to
| follow along on the carefully considered roadmap that the IDABC and the
| Member States of the EU have laid out, vendors as well as citizens will
| benefit, as achieving a global consensus on what constitutes an open standard
| for government procurement must inevitably serve to rationalize and expand
| the market for compliant products..

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