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[News] [Rival] Even Windows XP SP3 is Defective by Design

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XP SP3 Doesn't Play Nice with Heavy I/O Operations on NTFS Volumes

,----[ Quote ]
| Windows XP fails to play nice with heavy I/O operations occurring on volumes 
| formatted with the NTFS file system, Microsoft informed. According to the 
| Redmond company, the issue is related to the “Compress drive to save disk 
| space” option. The software giant did not offer an explanation of the 
| problems, but indicated that both Service Pack 3 and SP2 for Windows XP were 
| affected. Post-XP releases of the Windows client, including     
| Windows Vista and Windows 7 are not impacted by the issue. 


Users can downgrade to Vista or run alpha-grade software (BetaVista7). Or...

Upgrade to GNU/Linux.

Days ago:

Rant: Microsoft Windows Out of Box Experience Sucks

,----[ Quote ]
| OK, rant mode on. This morning I spent over three hours running Windows
| Update on the cool Viliv S5 UMPC I am evaluating. Yes, I realize it runs the
| older Windows XP operating system, but even so Microsoft must make the out of
| box experience (OOBE) better than this. I have recently experienced this
| process with Vista too, and it’s no better than XP. It’s time that Microsoft
| fix this absolutely unbearable process.
| The entire Windows Update process resulted in 5 reboots and took almost 3.5
| hours. That is ridiculous in and of itself, but watching it closely
| (something you have to do as it requires user input at inopportune moments)
| really got me steamed, as I realized that Microsoft could easily fix this
| stupid process.

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