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[News] Analogy for the Economics of Lock-in, Open Access Publishing

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Free Desks and Chairs, Anyone?

,----[ Quote ]
| A salesperson walks into your office today and tells you that you have to buy 
| a new, pre-built, expensive desk for every one of your employees. You have to 
| buy a new desk today and replace it every three to five years. Additionally, 
| there are no options for the desk and you may not alter it in any way — one 
| desk is all we make and you have to buy it from us. You see, you don't really 
| own the desk; you're simply purchasing a license to use the desk. Chairs are 
| sold separately and we have the corner on the market for chairs that are 100 
| percent compatible with the desk. The chairs are also very expensive.       


The Economics of Open Access Publishing

,----[ Quote ]
| Open Access Publishing is the free distribution of research, whether it is as 
| a pre-print (working paper) or a peer-reviewed article. 



Taking Control of Your Documents

,----[ Quote ]
| Although many users simply click “Save” and give no thought to which format
| is being used under the covers, this unthinking use of the word processor's
| default settings is a recipe for vendor lock-in. In fact, several vendors
| intentionally set their default format to be ones which will only work well
| with their own software, fostering dependency on that vendor's software and
| lessening the user's ability to take advantage of other options in the
| market. The more documents you save and accumulate in a vendor's proprietary
| format, the harder it will be for you to consider any other choices.


Latest iPod Suggests that Apple Still Loves DMCA-Assisted Lock-in

,----[ Quote ]
| Back in January, we noted that despite Steve Jobs's posturing on the music
| DRM front, Apple remains a big supporter and user of DRM and DRM-like schemes
| throughout their product lines. Over at the EFF blog, Fred von Lohmann
| suggests another potential example. The new iPod Shuffle has no buttons; the
| controls are on the included headphones.

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