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[News] MySQL and Alfresco Interviews Show Free Software Maturity

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Interview: Karen Tegan Padir, MySQL VP, On This Week's MySQL Conference

,----[ Quote ]
| OStatic: What do you think are the biggest barriers to adoption of open 
| source in business? Lack of support? Lack of evangelism and marketing? Lack 
| of training?  
| I don't think it's any of those things, I just think it's just a matter of 
| time. I worked at Red Hat for several years. When I worked there, 
| conventional wisdom said that Linux was a toy, that it wasn't reliable or 
| ready for mission-critical deployment. People sure aren't saying that 
| anymore!     


Interview: 9 Questions For Alfresco Software's Chairman, John Newton

,----[ Quote ]
| As enterprises get squeezed by the recession, they're starting to squeeze 
| their vendors for cost savings. At some point, those vendors' cost structures  
| and business models won't support the pressure. In a way, this movement, as 
| we see it, is inevitable. Better evangelists, marketing and perhaps most 
| importantly the ability to successfully leverage the power of the open source 
| community can only make the change come more quickly.    



Alfresco provides further proof that open source is mainstream

,----[ Quote ]
| Alfresco has been on a roll lately. Word on the street is that Alfresco just
| nailed another quarter (That's eight straight quarters of growth and hitting
| its plan). This week Alfresco came out with some other cool news that I was
| forced pry out of of Matt Asay, as we both try to not shill for our own
| companies.


Alfresco-Adobe Pact Pushes Open Source Toward the Mainstream

,----[ Quote ]
| The surprise was two-fold, that Adobe felt it was necessary to add content
| management services at all and that it chose open source vendor Alfresco as
| its content management partner.
| [...]
| If the Alfresco-Adobe deal can help push open source further into the
| enterprise mainstream, it will not only be a big deal for Alfresco, but could
| be a big step for other open source vendors as well.


Alfresco's Latest ECM: Prying Open a Sector?

,----[ Quote ]
| John Newton, the chairman and CTO at open source document management firm
| Alfresco, is no stranger to Enterprise Content Management (ECM). You might
| even say he helped put the term on the IT map when he co-founded Documentum,
| the document management company that EMC later bought.
| But that was then. Now, he's all about Alfresco's latest Enterprise 2.2
| product, and is trying to up the ante in a market sector dominated by
| proprietary vendors.


Alfresco's sales up 320 percent, hits 30,000 active deployments

,----[ Quote ]
| Frankly, even Microsoft could use this model - as Marc Fleury pointed out to
| me earlier this week - without skipping a beat. It could adopt Red Hat's
| model tomorrow without sacrificing its billions in profit. If anything, it
| should grow with a model that focuses on widespread, cheap distribution.  


Alfresco extends customer support in software upgrade

,----[ Quote ]
| Open source content management company has celebrated doubling its revenue in
| the last financial year by launching a new version of its software.

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