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[News] K Desktop Environment Collects Ideas, Enlightenment Spreads

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KDE Brainstorm Monthly Digest - issue 1

,----[ Quote ]
| First of all, a few words of introduction. There are quite a number of ideas 
| being posted on the KDE Brainstorm, and it would be nice to know how the 
| initiative is faring, and important highlights, like what ideas are more 
| popular, which are more controversial, etc. That is why the idea of a monthly 
| digest was born (in a similar fashion as the fabolous Commit Digest). Our 
| idea is to publish these digests monthly, providing the community (and 
| perhaps even developers) with useful information about the state of the 
| initiative.       


E17 now available in Entropy

,----[ Quote ]
| Now e17 is installed and you can enjoy it by selecting "enlightenment" from 
| the sessions menu in the login screen. 



8 Beautiful Themes For Enlightenment WM

,----[ Quote ]
| Enlightenment is perhaps the least known and the oldest Windows manager still
| being actively developed. KDE and Gnome (Desktop Environments) made their
| first release few years after Enlightenment had its first release way back in
| 1996. Enlightenment features an iconbar, which the “Dock” of  OS X is based
| on, and is quite different from the traditional WM and DE that we are used
| to. The current version, E17, has been in development since 2000 with slow
| update cycles and perhaps one of the reason why it is not as widely adopted
| as other WM and DE out there. Earlier version of gOS was based on E16-17
| (they moved to gnome). Elive, OpenGEU and Maryan Linux are three distribution
| that has Enlightenment installed by default.


Special dev version 1.9.22-based with Compiz released

,----[ Quote ]
| Have you ever dreamed of Compiz-like effects in Enlightenment 17 ?
| After a good number of previous testing versions, reports, fixes, and
| features added, Elive finally releases the special version with E17 running
| over Compiz (ecomorph).
| Do you want more details? Just watch the video and see what it looks like!


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