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[News] A Load of New Multimedia Applications for GNU/Linux

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Cover Art & Lyrics Widget for your desktop 

,----[ Quote ]
| Display album art (and lyrics!) for your playing tracks right on your 
| desktop!  



new boxee version for Ubuntu, update for Mac and Apple TV

,----[ Quote ]
| with every new version Ubuntu is inching closer to mainstream appeal, which 
| is why we chose it as boxee’s Linux distro. we are very happy to release a 
| new version of boxee for Ubuntu, including support for Jaunty Jackalope


ioquake3 Goes Gold WIth Ogg Decoding, x86_64

,----[ Quote ]
| Back in February we talked about a new ioquake3 engine was forthcoming that 
| would deliver a number of enhancements, but this week that new version (1.36) 
| has finally gone gold.  


Several powerful console music players for Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| These players are among the top audio players for console available on Linux. 
| You can run them in a shell instance without the need of an X Server, and 
| although several use only a command-line interface (like ogg123 of mpg123), 
| several come with a nice, ncurses-based interface which makes music 
| management easier and pleasant.    



Basic Video Editor For Ubuntu Called KDENLive

,----[ Quote ]
| KDENLIVE is SIMULAR to a Linear editor like Microsoft Windows Movie Maker,
| but with a few more flexible options in rendering. Very easy to use, no
| special tweeks.. all around good decent editor.


Music playing time with Listen

,----[ Quote ]
| If you love music then you’re probably looking for the music player of your
| choice. You could choose among several types of music players out there. In
| my case, as long as it doesn’t hang, as long as it shows me all the important
| information I need as well as store playlists well, then everything’s
| alright.


Video Editing in Linux: Kino v Open Movie v KdenLive

,----[ Quote ]
| Out of the 3 programs previewed, I liked Kdenlive the best, but not having
| the Title show up was a real bummer. Kdenlive could eventually become my
| editor of choice by the time it gets to 1.0 status. The trick is going to be
| to keep the development moving and thus keep my interest alive. This type of
| progression is what has helped Linux reach critical mass as desktop choice.

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