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Re: Have all of the trolls already been fired/laid off?

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____/ High Plains Thumper on Sunday 26 April 2009 01:41 : \____

> Chris Ahlstrom wrote:
>> Sinister Midget III belched out:
>>> I wonder if they have to wear orange jumpsuits when they
>>> troll.
>>> That's right. Sh1T's in AZ, down where the one sheriff used
>>> to make the inmates wear pink underpants and listen to
>>> bedtime stories.
>>> http://www.cnn.com/US/9907/27/tough.sheriff/
>>> I doubt Sh1T has too many complaints.
>> Arpaio makes inmates pay for their meals, which some say are
>> worse than those for the guard dogs. Canines eat $1.10 worth
>> of food a day, the inmate 90 cents, the sheriff says. "I'm
>> very proud of that too."
>> Say, doesn't Microsoft always brag about eating its own dog
>> food?
> It is those great bundled applications that continue to be
> bundled from Win 3.1 days: Solitaire, WinMine, WordPad, NotePad,
> etc.  Themes are extra.

It keeps Microsoft's vulnerability count lower.

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