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Re: Have all of the trolls already been fired/laid off?

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____/ Sinister Midget on Saturday 25 April 2009 22:04 : \____

> I noticed yesterday the troll activity seemed to have fallen off. Not
> that I've seen them and then saw less, but that I see how many posts
> there are and how many are left after they've all been killfiled. And
> that number has dropped a lot.
> What happened? Did MICRO$~1 have a massive layoff right after they
> announced they lost money? Did a lot of the trolls finally give up and
> go back to panhandling for a living? Were they so bummed that they did
> the honorable thing by removing themselves from the gene pool?
> I'm not really all that interested. Curious? A little. But I won't lose
> any sleep over it whether they go away or stay since I don't see most
> of their crap anyway.
> But if anybody knows the secret, I ask that you pass it on to Qook,
> Doofie, Timmy, Flatso and Sh1T. I'd be delighted to whittle my filters
> down some.

Microsoft's AstroTurfers (aka marketers) are being laid off now. Yes, it's
true. It's in the news this week:

Microsoft cuts CSR spend across Europe

,----[ Qoute ]
| Across Europe and the UK, it is thought as much as a quarter of Microsoft’s
| citizenship PR spend is being shelved. Similar cuts have been made in Asia,
| while a source said pullbacks in global and US budgets were ‘imminent’.



Microsoft Cutting CSR PR Budget


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