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[News] GNU/Linux Kicks Windows' Arse (and Microsoft's Pocket) in Sub-notebooks

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Microsoft earnings drop as netbooks take chunk of PC sales

,----[ Quote ]
| The client division saw its revenue drop by a bit more than $600 million, 
| with income down by almost the same amount. The trend of the PC market 
| towards netbooks, which either run Linux or a low-cost version of Windows XP, 
| undoubtedly hit this division hard. With Windows 7 apparently progressing 
| well, however, the light may be visible at the end of the tunnel here, 
| provided the company can convince netbook makers to pay more for the
improvements it brings (and consumers are interested in its netbook version).      


Netbooks bleed Microsoft profits. It's about to get worse

,----[ Quote ]
| After all, Canonical, which develops Ubuntu, the world's leading 
| consumer-focused, Linux-based desktop operating system, on Monday released a 
| Netbook-optimized Ubuntu distribution, as IDG reports.  
| Better battery life. A nicer visual experience. An operating system tightly 
| tuned for applications like e-mail, Web browsing, and office productivity. 
| All for a price that is dramatically less than Microsoft Windows...even after 
| Microsoft discounts.   



Why Linux Will Crush Windows 7 on Netbooks

,----[ Quote ]
| Linux versions of netbooks are already doing quite well and if Microsoft
| shoots itself in the foot by crippling its OS, the question becomes less
| about choosing between Windows and Linux and more about choosing between
| crippled and “just works.”


Hands on: Running Windows 7 on a netbook

,----[ Quote ]
| Performance wasn't the only problem I came across. For example, I was unable
| to perform two network-related tasks at once. For example, if I copied a file
| from a network server or watched a YouTube video, life was fine. But if I
| tried to do both things at once, I ended up with a frozen system.
| [...]
| I experienced several difficulties running popular applications on the Dell
| Mini 9. Windows 7's built-in applications, such as Media Center, felt slow to
| respond. Other apps behaved sluggishly as well. For example, Microsoft Word
| 2003 took 27 seconds to launch on the Mini 9; it took only 11 seconds on the
| HP EliteBook 2530p.
| Some problems, such as abrupt slowdowns when trying to run Microsoft Office
| 2003, Office 2007 and Quicken 2008, were clearly caused by memory problems.
| There simply wasn't enough RAM to run them effectively. When I tried to run
| two or more major applications at the same time, the performance dropped from
| merely miserable to "Is this thing still on?"
| [...]
| If you must have Windows on a netbook, XP Home SP3 is still the better choice
| over Windows 7 -- at least, for now. And, even though Microsoft is doing its
| best to kill off XP, it looks like the PC makers aren't going to let
| Microsoft put XP out to pasture after all.

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