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[News] Freedom Writers Unite (under Open Source Banner), Public Domain Adocated

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GLOW - Greater London Open source Writers

,----[ Quote ]
| March's GLOW was a great success. A 200% increase in attendance led to an 
| amusing and invigorating evening discussing open source related matters. 
| Onwards and upwards!  


Public Domain Ideas

,----[ Quote ]
| Public Domain Ideas (PDI) is a place where ideas and inventions can be 
| submitted to the public domain. It's like open-source software, but for ideas 
| instead of code. Once an idea is submitted to PDI, it immediately goes into 
| the public domain and cannot be patented. That means anyone is free to 
| develop the concept without fear of litigation, and without having to pay 
| licensing fees.      



Happy Public Domain Day!

,----[ Quote ]
| Michael sez, "It's January 1st! Do you know what works are passing into the 
| public domain in the life+50, and life+70 countries? Lots! Here in the USA 
| (where basically nothing published in 1923 or later will ever enter the 
| public domain, to protect Disney's 'Steamboat Willie'), only unpublished 
| works of the life+70 class of authors enter the public domain. Whew. Thank 
| goodness for small favors, right?. We can now expect the unpublished works of 
| George Gershwin, H.P. Lovecraft, Amelia Earhart, J.M. Barrie, and John 
| Davison Rockefeller (yeah right), among many others, to be free and clear of 
| copyright encumbrances for those who wish to publish them. Boy, unpublished 
| works! Wow! After 70 years since they died, there must be lots of those 
| hanging around, right? Right?"          


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