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[News] New Development and Release of Free Software: Midgard, BIND, Postgres

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Midgard2 9.03.0RC2 released

,----[ Quote ]
| The Midgard Project has released the second Release Candidate of Midgard2 
| 9.03 "Vinland" - the new  generation of the Midgard content repository. 


BIND 10 starts development

,----[ Quote ]
| The Internet Systems Consortium has announced that it has received enough 
| support from sponsors to launch the BIND 10 project, to create a replacement 
| name server for BIND 9. BIND 9 began its development in 1998 and is the most 
| widely used DNS server software on the Internet. Among the sponsors are the 
| UK's Nominet and Germany's DENIC.    


Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger: New Features in Postgres 8.4

,----[ Quote ]
| The roller coaster announcements coming from Oracle and Sun this week have a 
| number of people questioning the fate of MySQL. While the GPL’d database 
| probably isn’t going anyplace soon, now might be a good time to remind 
| yourself that alternatives to MySQL do exist. And that some, in the case of 
| PostgreSQL, are incredibly feature-rich.    



Midgard 8.09.3RC2 released

,----[ Quote ]
| Lodz, December 18th 2008 -- The Midgard Project has released a second release
| candidate for the third maintenance release of Midgard 8.09 Ragnaroek LTS.
| Ragnaroek LTS is a Long Term Support version of the free software content
| management framework.


IBM puts Oracle to the sword with EnterpriseDB

,----[ Quote ]
| The bigger news, however, may be IBM's partnership with EnterpriseDB, the
| commercial backer of the open-source PostgreSQL database, to embed
| EnterpriseDB's Postgres Plus Advanced Server technology into IBM's DB2 9.7
| database product. EnterpriseDB's technology basically allows applications
| written for the Oracle database to run on EnterpriseDB's PostgreSQL...and now
| IBM's DB2.

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