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[News] OpenOffice.org 3.1 and MySQL Make Good Progress

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results of automated tests for OOO310m10

,----[ Quote ]
| Automated testing of recent OOO310_m10 builds is finished. All Cat0 tests 
| were run on English builds by automation team and have been completed. 
| Unfortunately a fix in automated tests resulted in some problems on Solaris 
| Sparc only. This issue #101240 was already fixed in CWS automation310g and 
| results should be cleaned up for next RC OOO310m11    


Sun mates MySQL with more iron

,----[ Quote ]
| With the preview of the MySQL 5.4 database coming out this week at the MySQL 
| Conference and Expo in Santa Clara, you would have expected Sun Microsystems 
| to be talking up the integration of its systems, storage, operating system, 
| and database even if Oracle hadn't come along to buy the company on Monday.   



MySQL founder and ex-CEO react to Oracle/Sun

,----[ Quote ]
| Both Monty Widenius, founder of MySQL, and Marten Mickos, former CEO of MySQL
| and until recently, VP of the Sun database group, have both commented on
| Oracle's acquisition of Sun Microsystems and MySQL. Observers had noted that
| Oracle may not be interested in pursuing development of MySQL, despite
| Oracle's announcement saying MySQL would join the ranks of its other database
| products.


MySQL: Alive and Kicking

,----[ Quote ]
| Despite some of the concerns floating around the MySQL Conference this week,
| there’s some good news coming out of the event. The MySQL developers are
| returned to a “release early, release often” schedule and the pending 5.4
| release has a number of features worth keeping an eye on.


Who Owns Commercial Open Source – and Can Forks Work?

,----[ Quote ]
| It will be interesting to see whether Widenius is able to pull this off, and
| whether Oracle, or whoever ends up owning MySQL, decides to help or hinder
| the attempt. There's always been a tacit assumption that it's not really
| viable to take this route, because the open source company simply has too
| much of an advantage through its ownership of the copyright, and the fact
| that it can always incorporate any code produced by a fork into the
| commercial variants. If this attempt to create a self-standing but quite
| separate version of MySQL succeeds, it could have major ramifications for all
| open source companies that think they own the project simply because they own
| the copyright of the code.


Sun Announces New MySQL, Michael Widenius Forks


Jobs Trend: Elance Cites Surging Demand for MySQL Experts

,----[ Quote ]
| MySQL experts are seeing accelerating demand for their services on Elance, a
| leading site for online work where businesses hire skilled professionals to
| get work done. With over 1,300 MySQL jobs posted in the last 30 days, MySQL
| is now the third most in-demand skill on Elance, moving up three spots since
| October.

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